Airpod Case Not Charging

Airpod Case Not Charging[5 Quick Fix]

Airpod case is the only way to charge the AirPods. Due to having no alternative to charge the Airpods, it becomes quite challenging when there appear issues with the Airpod case. Read the full guide to fix “Airpod Case Not Charging.”

When you have a hard day through and you put your Airpods in a charging case believing it will be charged and after some hours, you check thereon end up knowing that the charging case is not working. This just annoys you. In the guide below, you will be able to fix the ‘Airpod case not charging.’

This problem is quite common and you don’t really need to worry as a lot of people have faced this issue but the news was going around about bugs appearing in the Airpod case.

AirPods charging case is not working

why is my Airpod case not charging[Fixed]

I) Try another charger

If you are using a USB wall adapter to charge the Airpods case, plug it into another charger and check whether it is working with other devices then it is obvious now that the problem is with your charging case.

ii) Check your connection

If you have AirPods or AirPods pro, make sure that that cable is plugged strongly with the case and with the power adapter correctly and that the adapter is firmly connected to the power socket. It will also work in case you are using a Qi-compatible charger.

iii)Restart Airpods

Just put your Airpods into the case only before putting them into the charging adapter and closing the lid of the Airpod case. Wait for a few seconds and then connect the case to the charger.

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Airpod Case Not Charging
Airpods in Case

iv) Charge Airpods

Place your AirPods in the charging case and charge once again. If you had already done that and it had not been charged then might be possible that the charging case lid was not perfectly closed or the Airpods were not accurately fitting into the charging case. 

So, charge the Airpods by putting them into the charging case for 15 minutes at least, and make sure you are using the original Apple wire for the charging connection.

v) Reset AirPods case

There could be software related problem that is creating the issue. So, you can reset the AirPod case to diagnose the software problem.

To do that, just locate the button on the back and hold it for 15 seconds until it flashes white. It will reset the case to factory default and try again to see if the charging works.

why is my airpod case not charging
Airpods Charging Case

Most of the time, this completely fixes your problem.

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vi) Know how to read the charging signals

You should have knowledge of charging signals in order to check whether the charging is working or not.

When you first plug the case with the charging adapter, it turns on the light, and then after a few seconds, the light goes off indicating that charging is working.

Another indicator to check charging status is: when you put AirPods in the charging case and close the lid. And after some time, just open the lid and bring the Airpods case near to your iPhone. It gives an AirPods status screen indicating that both the AirPods and the case are in charge.

You can also contact Apple Support if none of the above solutions works in case.


Why is AirPods case not charging?
You can try another adapter and check whether it is working with that or not.
You can restart your AirPods to check any default in your AirPods software.
You must check that the charging case lid is completely closed and that it is not creating any issue in preventing AirPods to get charged.

People Also Ask

The light will turn on for a few seconds and then turn off while continuing to charge. If it does not turn on then it may mean that they are not charged enough. You must charge them with their original charging case and check again.

If the AirPods are dead then you won’t observe any functionality operating in them. They won’t charge automatically when you put them in their case. They will start losing their battery once the case charging drops to 0.

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