AirPods for Kids

AirPods for Kids[Should you buy them]

AirPods are generally safe for children who are grown enough to understand tech devices and are aware of the utility and possible disadvantages that may emerge due to their misuse. There is not much difference between headphones and AirPods for Kids as both are audio devices and there must be equal precautions and safety measures for child’s ears and mental health.

Some parents want to gift their children AirPods to reduce noise in their house but must not ignore the destructive effects because their ears are still developing and they are more sensitive to sounds. Little kids swallow everything whether eatable or not, AirPods are of enough size which can be easily swallowed by them which seems quite dangerous.

Apple makes different varieties and versions of AirPods. It can be an awesome idea to gift AirPods to your children if they are responsible enough to take care of them and use them wisely.

Why AirPods for Kids?

You cannot ignore the popularity of AirPods and they are no doubt on top of the list when we talk about audio gadgets for kids. They are high-quality headphones and often many influencers including children are seen wearing AirPods. It can be a hot gift for your kids if you want to surprise your child for an event holiday like Easter or Christmas.
But, don’t ignore the possible consequences which give more harm than good.

Why AirPods are a bad idea for children?

AirPods or any small wireless earbuds carry trouble with them when they are in the ears of little kids. Even if you adopt all precautionary measures and wear your AirPods safely, they can create damage to your ears and they are even more expensive as compared to other wireless earbuds and they are more prone to theft. You may find sometimes lost or stolen AirPods in the Subway which indicates the level of these tiny devices being misplaced.

AirPods for kid

AirPods’ sound level may increase above the normal sound level of 85dB and increased listening time could result in hearing damage and has been declared dangerous by World Health Organization.

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If you listen to sound wearing your headphones for more than 8 hours, you are probably at hearing loss risk. If you listen to a volume above 85dB, this is also bad for your ears’ health. The safe listening time is cut in half for every 3-dB rise in noise levels over 85 dB.


These tiny devices are more inclined to get swallowed by children and If your child misplaces one AirPod somewhere, you have to spend an extra $100 to get the new AirPods. So, they are costly to your pockets as well.

How to keep AirPods safe around your kids

You have to be very careful about leaving your little kids around these tiny wireless earbuds and must set an appropriate distance from them. You can place them on shelves or at a higher place where they are unapproachable.

AirPods may become safe for your kids if you are able to ensure that your children are trustworthy enough to use them wisely. So, you have to make sure that you never compromise on two things:

  • Sound Level
  • Duration of listening

You must ensure they don’t go above an optimal sound level and don’t increase their listening duration.

(i)Adhere to 60:60 Rule

The ideal time set by WHO for wearing your headphones is 60 minutes per day. You must teach your children to not exceed this time limit when they are watching cartoons or playing games with their AirPods or headphones on their heads.
You must also guide them to listen to volume at a maximum of 60% which falls under the safe sound level of 85dB.

If they breach any of the above conditions, treat them strictly and don’t allow them to use AirPods next time.

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(ii)Familiarize Your Kids About Choking Hazards

Many little kids have the habit of swallowing little toys because they are not sensible enough to differentiate things. Some time ago, a child swallowed an AirPod and it was seen under his ribs throw an x-ray. But, he was cured after successful treatment.

So, you must educate them about these choking hazards.

Familiarize Your Kids About Choking Hazards

(iii)Set Minimum Volume

You can set minimum volume and turn on kid mode on your Apple device. You just have to go to the settings of your iOS device and there you will see “Restrictions” feature from where you can set minimum volume.

If you are using an Android device, you can also set minimum volume here with the help of some Third-party apps which will easily work with your AirPods and set minimum volume.

You must adjust the minimum volume to keep your kids’ ears’ health safe.

(iv)Examine for Sound Leakage

You must check for any sound leakage which will indicate the level of sound. If there is any leakage from AirPods, you must believe that the sound level is higher than the optimal limit.

(v)Assess the Fit

You must check the size of AirPods and assess whether it fits into your kids’ ears. Because it has been a huge problem for people as they feel uncomfortable which sometimes also creates anxiety and ear aches.

You can find ear tips of different sizes and there are some after-market gadgets that make AirPods and earbuds hang easily to your ears.

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Can AirPods cause headaches in kids?

Wearing Headphones or AirPods has come with many problems which have become quite common nowadays. But, headache is the most common of all which people ignore sometimes but it can affect whole body’s health.

Many people have observed headaches with AirPods and Airpods Pro. They have reported that when they listen to music with their AirPods, it has cause headaches and itching every time.

You can have an idea if the adults are facing these kinds of issues who have more protective bodies and who can apply more resistance to negative impacts forced on their bodies. What a child will suffer from when he/she is exposed to many sound levels? So, there is no specific age assigned to justify kid age.

Can AirPods cause headaches in kids

How to Pick the Best AirPods/Earbuds for Kids?

You may find the best earbuds or AirPods which have some fantastic features. But, you must always keep in mind the age of the child. Because, if you come up with the wrong AirPods, you waste money and they are not being kid-friendly as well.

If you have to purchase a gift for your younger kid, you must consider his utilities like whether he has to attend online classes which makes it necessary to have Earbuds that are durable and have good sound quality.

You must know the prerequisites before purchasing Earbuds or AirPods for your kid.

  • Are they enough durable?
  • Should you go with wireless or wired earbuds?
  • How is the sound quality?

What are the most appropriate ear tips size and materials for your kids?

Some people really excuse not getting comfy earbuds even after getting a new one. That is because of the hard material used in making ear tips.

Ideal earbuds are the ones that have silicone ear tips or foam ear tips attached. They perfectly fit into your ears and improves your listening experience and make it more enjoyable.

Ideal earbuds are the ones that have silicone ear tips or foam ear tips hooked. They perfectly fit into your ears and improves your listening experience and make it more enjoyable.


You may find it a beautiful idea to give your kid AirPods on his birthday. But, you must never ignore the consequences that he has to face if they are being misused.
AirPods for Kids may be safe but you must ensure the sound level is within the safe limit of 85dB and the listening duration with AirPods is optimal.

You can adopt some safety levels to make AirPods safe for your kid.

  • Set minimum volume limit.
  • Adopt 60:60 rule related to Audio Gadgets.
  • Educate your kids about choking hazards.

I hope you have enjoyed this topic and you must be benefited from our findings on the topic.
If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to comment below.

People Also Ask

AirPods are not a good fit for a kid under 9 years old. Because it may have some disadvantages like choking hazards when they swallow tiny things like AirPods and the high-level sound may damage their hearing.

AirPods come up in different ear tip sizes which fit in different sizes of ears. But, AirPods Pro true wireless is for small ears which fit comfortably and sit inside your ears easily.

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