AKG K701 Review

AKG K701 Review

Speed and detail with razor-like image separation is the way I describe AKG K701 briefly. Because this is my main go-to for gaming and anything I do for my music passion. So, Should you buy AKG K701 studio headphones, and whether they are worth your money or not? Here we will review the low-priced and very comfortable headphones.

AKG K701 Review

AKG Pro Audio K701 Reference Studio Headphones

AKG Pro Audio K701 Reference Studio Headphones

Color: White
Rating: 4.8
Form Factor: Over-Ear
Connectivity Technology: Wired

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Bottom Line

AKG Pro Audio K701 are very comfortable headphones with specially shaped 3D-form ear pads and flat-wire voice coil technology which provide sparkling highs and accurate bass response. The best headphones on the market for the price with Stunning sound quality,
Love Sound & Bass, Buy them quickly!


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Realistic flat response with no coloring of sound
  • Light on Bass and Good Soundstage
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Very Affordable


  • Wired Connectivity(No Bluetooth)

AKG-K-701-Headband-Headphones-White reviews, rating

If you love music, you can slip on these AKG K 701 Headphones and enjoy your favorite music by turning it high with perfect purity when it comes to bass response.

The over-the-ear design and open-backed shape provide enough Sound Isolation and prevent Sound Leakage which doesn’t trouble you with outside noises. Audiophiles and DJs need minor and exact sound notes whether it relates to high trebles or deep bass.

So, these headphones provide 10Hz-39800Hz frequency response which delivers a high-quality range of both high and low Spectrum.
But, you truly get an extreme level of comfort from these headphones which set them apart from other headphones.


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Let’s jump onto detailed Specifications, Sound Quality, Design, and Comfortability of AKG K701 headphones.

AKG 701 Differences with AKG 702

  • K702 comes in a black finish.
  • K702 has a detachable cable which allows for a separate coiled cable to be used.
  • The k702 doesn’t come with a display cradle.


NameAKG Pro Audio K701 Reference Studio Headphones
QualityHigh Sound quality headphones with great comfortability
Design3D-Form earpads and a self-adjusting padded leather headband
TypeOpen-Backed Headphones
Frequency bandwidth10-39800Hz
DiaphramTwin-layer Diaphram
Impedance62 Ohms
Cable3m Length and Non-Detachable cable
Dimension11.3 x 19.9 x 21.2 cm

Physical Design

The AKG K 701 is mostly plastic but still looks substantial when in my hand. You don’t need to reposition your headphones again and again due to the self-adjusting headband design. It comes with a base stand to display your headphones in an upright position.

It feels so lightweight and fits nicely onto my head. I don’t know but yeah! I have to wear this with the lower headband attached to my head and it feels so fixed and comfortable. It has loose strings which prevent the bumps on the headband from pushing down. The earcups are softly padded which feels comfortable and soft on the skin.

The ear pads have a gel-type coating with a super-soft lining to make your ears feel comfortable.

The low weight of almost 230 grams makes them the lightest studio headphones which are comfortable for home use and studio, mixing as well.

AKG-K701 Headphones-design

Build Quality

The AKG K 701 has a flexible headband that adjusts to your head allowing the headphones to be worn by anybody. This open-back design comes with tension cords to ensure a perfect fit. Its diaphragm thickness is varied which provides an 80-micrometer center zone.

It has a straight cord with a quarter-inch and an eight-inch adapter as compared to 3.9 mm in other variants. This non-detachable cable is strong and durable.


These headphones have 7 bump headbands. These headphones come in one layer of foam inside underneath ear pads. Ear cups are soft but it is not like memory foam. Its material is soft but cushioning is firm which I actually prefer because the ear cups are deep and bigger than other headphones. So, it gives your ears a lot of room to adjust.

The headband has some moveable parts which have gathered some weak and breakable points from where the headphones can be broken from wear and tear.



The AKG K701 Reference Studio provides very natural and crystal clear sound and it comes with minor details of sound and you feel it in your recording as well.

They are great studio monitors and DJ headphones with an incredibly accurate sound stage. It is mostly used in Djing and Studio mixing due to no Sound Leakage and it produces Highs and Refined Lows. The Bass of these headphones is lean and I would definitely call it recessed.

The sound is also good for common listeners who love an accurate sound stage that isn’t too bright and doesn’t have overwhelming Bass. You get an Entire Frequency Response with exceptional accuracy with patented Varimotion twin-layer diaphragms.

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The sound of the K701 and Q701 headphones is almost similar but there is a bit of difference in bass as K701 Bass is 4 or 5 dB lighter than Q701 Bass. But, I don’t mind its Bass as it kind of sits in the background and feels pretty velvety and smooth and doesn’t vibrate up with bass when you turn them on.

Bass Quality is there but you have to carefully listen to it to realize as there is a little bass.

ii)Mid Range

There is definitely a bump there which you can definitely feel and we have seen so many arguments about it on multiple forums but Yes! There is a bump anywhere between 5 to dB. But, it gives extra presence to vocals and it will bring Guitars more forward.

Let’s suppose, If guitar distortion is tilted toward the region of Frequency Response, it will become harsh and difficult to listen to especially when you have not recorded your music well.

I personally like it as it makes the headphones more energetic in the mid-range and not less boring. Mid-range is very flat not very forward and it sounds exactly the same as Q701 headphones.

You would definitely hear the headphones for a while of a bunch of different genres to know the mids and energy level provided.


There is a low Treble in AKG K701 Headphones. It is kind of a low Dynamic. But Sound is more detailed, more extended, and comes with more energy. I prefer Detailed Sound which has definitely low Spikes.

So, Sound and Treble in mids come forward analytically. Because, once your ears get used to the sound, it feels so true and real. They look Airy and open in Sound.


The center image is definitely not as present for a massive width of Soundstage as compared to the soundstage in Seinheiser 600 and 650 HEadphones is small but it images well. But, you are really sacrificing some directionality in AKG K701 Headphones.

akg k701 headphones have good sound quality

EQ(Frequency) Response

So, I have taken a Test of AKG K701 Headphones compared with AKG K271 Headphones and it is performed by Foritiori.

You can see in the below picture that there is a dip in the upper range. But, there is no dip for K701 Headphones at that point and they sound a bit louder which is due to the open and clear Frequency Range and flat lower end.

EQ response of akg k 701 headphones


The sensitivity of headphones shows the loudness among others. The Higher the Sensitivity, the louder the headphones. The sensitivity of AKG K701 Headphones is 102.44 dB/V SPL which has been determined by Voltage and 90.64 dB/mW SPL by the power.

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I feel so comfortable when these headphones are on my headphones and It sounds Awesome! As being Open-Backed Headphones, they definitely don’t seal outside noises. But this open-backed shape is easier on the ears and doesn’t fatigue.

You don’t really need to reposition your headphones if you play games for long hours with headphones on as its self-adjusting headband design. So, even after using them for hours, you don’t even realize that the headphones are on your head.

The ear pads possess a specially shaped 3-D form. Ear cups are enough large and open which feel really comfortable and allow a lot of room for your ears. So, you don’t need to worry about tiny ear pads which press your ears.

I really love its headband along with that reel underneath which is genuine leather. Its clamp is good and it doesn’t sound like crushing your skull still doesn’t allow the headphones to fall off your head.

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These headphones are definitely studio reference headphones that can be used for DJing and Mixing. Its clamping force keeps your head comfortable which enables you to use them for hours.

You can also use them for your Gaming purposes and there is no problem being wired headphones. But, you can’t use them for your outdoor sports or workouts as they are more prone to fall off your ears with moving activities.


They are top of the line open-backed and more comfortable headphones which are indoor ones and you won’t really be much comfortable with these headphones outside or for sports purposes.

The AKG K701 Headphones sit right in the middle for Budget-conscious Music Enthusiasts. With 120 Hours of playtime, you can tame treble and smooth out headphones.

I think they deserve a place where they should be present as much as other two contenders in mid fight trio. But, you may disagree that why shouldn’t I go fo Q7 headphones. Yeah! you may question it with high price in mind. But, you may get in a low price from different retailers at online store.

AKG K701 Review

AKG Pro Audio K701 Reference Studio Headphones

Color: White
Rating: 4.8
Form Factor: Over-Ear
Connectivity Technology: Wired


People Also Ask

Can You Mix on AKG K701 Headphones?

Yes! absolutely, you can do but you will have to spend some time to learn mixing. You might not get excellent results with low-end for the first time but from 250 Hz to all the way up, you will enjoy the output.

Is AKG made in China?

Akg headphones were made in Austria before but now they are manufacturing most of its accessories in China. But, AKG has ensured that it will continue to provide its Quality line of Headphones and people will see further improvements rather than being degraded.

Who Owns AKG?

AKG has been a part of Harman International Industries.

What is AKG famous for?

AKG has been equally famous among Music passionates and people who love DJing and Mixing. If you can’t afford Studio Monitors, these AKG headphones are definitely worth your money.

Does AKG k701 need an amp?

These are definitely bassy headphones with a loud sound loved by Music passionate. The AKG K 701 definitely needs no amp but we have seen so many people suggesting an AMP for these headphones. But, it would depend on the source you are using with this pair. But, changing the source really doesn’t impact sound quality due to its higher impedance.

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