Alexa Won’t Play Spotify[Ultimate Solution]

Alexa has been one of the most famous devices, especially in terms of automation and control. It can work around various ways to keep you at ease while doing all the work just on little voice commands.

But despite being so famous and having top-notch quality, Many people face issues in adding Spotify to Alexa. 

Amazon Alexa connects with Spotify and you enjoy the music on Alexa with a mere voice command. People having premium Spotify membership can stream music on Alexa but later all the Spotify members were allowed to stream Spotify music on Alexa. But, some people still face issues and don’t know how to link Spotify to Alexa. 

How to connect Alexa to Spotify[Fixed]

You will be able to fix the issue as we have written a detailed guide for ‘Spotify can t find Alexa.’

1. Why won’t Alexa play Spotify?

There may be some scenarios where Alexa won’t play Spotify and it may be due to the unverified user attempt by Spotify and is not able to login to Spotify. 

In some cases, Alexa or another Echo device needs to be reset. It may have some power, cache, or connectivity issues and needs to be reset.

add spotify to alexa
Echo Dot

2. Restart Amazon Echo and Phone or Computer

This is a simple step and people don’t think it is a solution. But, sometimes only restarting your devices can fix Alexa-Spotify not working. You should first give it a try before moving on to time-taking and complicated methods. 

To restart Amazon Echo, just unplug it and then plug it back after 15-30 seconds. It will reboot the Alexa. 

When you have done rebooting your Alexa, try connecting your Alexa with Spotify. If this resolves the issue, Then you are all OK! In other cases, you must go ahead to advanced steps.

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3. Check If you have Alexa latest version

Please check if your Alexa is in the latest version or not. You should check this in your Google Play or In-App Store and verify that the Alexa is updated or needs to be updated. Sometimes, you don’t have the latest version and previous versions start giving errors. So, you should get the latest Alexa version.

4. Check If Amazon Echo is Muted

Most of the time, Alexa is muted. Because Amazon Echo is enough capable and modern that they can be muted easily.

alexa spotify not working
RED Light on Muting

You can check it on the Alexa, Red indicator will be shown if it is muted.

If it’s muted, press and hold the microphone button and Alexa for 2 seconds. You can also perform the same method to mute the Alexa.

Just increase the volume of Alexa from its volume up button or you can also do it from the Amazon Alexa app.

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5. Check the Compatability of Alexa and Spotify

Most people in various countries face this issue as Spotify has not yet configured its free service.

So, If you are living in countries except for Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and the US. You may need to upgrade your Spotify membership from free to paid.

But, Spotify is adding more countries to the list to expand its free service.

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6. Check if your Default music is Amazon Echo

You should check if Spotify is the default music set on your Amazon Alexa through your Alexa app.

how to link spotify to alexa
Set Default Music Amazon Echo

Sometimes, the default music is not set to Spotify, so Spotify is not configured to Alexa. You should make Spotify the default music.

7. Check Name of Echo Device

You should make sure that you have not selected a different device other than Amazon Alexa. Sometimes, the problem is not genuine and only a human error can cause frustration. So, check it carefully.

8. Clear Cache

Sometimes, only clearing the cache can fix when Alexa won’t play Spotify. 

To clear the cache on Android

  • Go to settings and app
  • Click Spotify and Storage
  • Tap and Clear cache and app data

To clear the cache on iOS

  • Go to settings
  • Click Spotify
  • Tap on the Offload app
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9. Remove Amazon Echo

When your Spotify music is connected to Echo, it will show a sign on Alexa, If it is not showing, then Spotify is not accurately connected to Alexa and you may follow one of the steps from this article. But if it’s showing connected, then you should first forget Alexa from the Spotify app.

  • First Sign in to your Spotify account.
  • Go to settings
  • Remove Alexa from the Spotify app.

Now, restart your phone and again try to connect Alexa with Spotify. I hope You will know how to link Spotify to Alexa.

10. Voice Commands are not accurate

Try to give Alexa clear commands, so it can accurately perform with its virtual assistant. You should give a clear name of the Music name or either Album or Artist name to Alexa.

Try to save the playlist and every time give commands with that name.

11. Connect the correct Spotify account

Sometimes, people have different accounts on the same device or also one person has one free and one paid Spotify membership.

spotify can t find alexa
Log in with the correct account on Spotify

So, Please connect the correct account to link with Amazon Echo.

12. Reset Alexa Device

You should consider resetting if you have followed every method but you still you are unknown about how to link Spotify to Alexa.

  1. First, Open your Alexa app
  2. Toggle the Settings.
  3. Go to device options.
  4. Navigate to device options
  5. Reset to factory default.
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how to connect alexa to spotify
Factory Defaults

You should consider resetting differently in different Amazon Echo models

In the case of the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation

  • Hold and press the Microphone Off and Volume Down buttons for about 20 seconds. 

In the case of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd and 4th generation

  • Hold and press the Action button for 25 seconds.

In the case of the Amazon Echo Show

  • Hold and press the Mute and -Volume buttons for 15 seconds.

Which devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa

alexa not playing spotify
Alexa with Spotify
  • Cube.
  • Sonos.
  • Amazon Tap.
  • Amazon Fire TV.
  • Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Amazon Echo Spot.
  • Amazon Echo Show.


Sometimes, your device defaults to the free account making Spotify unavailable for users from countries where a premium account is required

you must log in to your Spotify account on the web and revoke access to Alexa. Open the Alexa app on your phone and go to MENU > SETTINGS > MUSIC & PODCASTS > SPOTIFY > ENABLE TO USE.

  1. Open the Alexa app and push Play.
  2. Go to the Spotify Playlists section and tap on the one you want to listen to.
  3. Choose the Alexa device that will play your Spotify playlist.

Go to and click Go under Manage your family accounts. You can invite someone using their email address or by sending them a direct link.

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