Are DJ Headphones Good For Normal Use

Are DJ Headphones Good For Normal Use[Explained]

DJ headphones are made for their special purpose and that is DJing. But, the headphones are usually built with the intention to enjoy the music. DJ headphones are a bit more expensive as they involve some more technical specialties like sound isolation, Volume control for the main speakers, and Beatmatching. You can use DJ headphones for normal use if you are music passionate and want to enjoy the loud and punchy sounds without heating your ears.

DJ Headphones vs Normal Headphones

Sound quality

DJ Headphones

DJ headphones have a clear and loud sound. Their sound quality is superior to normal headphones. DJ headphones have to manage the current song playing on the main speaker and the next song to cue them together. DJ headphones have bigger drivers which create a massive sound.

Audio Headphones

Audio headphones are made for everyone and for normal routines. They work well for normal music and expensive audio headphones create a pleasing sound but they don’t have enough power to give you a punchy sound. Cheap headphones have a very low sound quality which music enthusiasts don’t love at all.

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DJ Headphones

DJ headphones are more flexible and their earcups are designed with a swivel style to enable the DJ to listen to the tracks which they are monitoring. The swivel-style closed earcups help DJs to isolate the massive sound to better hear punchy music. It helps them to hold one earcup while they are DJing.

Audio Headphones

Standard audio headphones are not built with much flexible quality material. They are more open to breaking and damaging as they don’t own any molding ability. Because they are not made for DJs who have to hold one ear cup most of the time. Normal music lovers use them and they hold them with both ears for a very long time.

How to Use DJ Headphones

Cueing different tracks

DJ Headphones

Cueing is the most important task DJs perform in order to engage the audience and lift them up till the end of the party. Cueing means playing multiple songs while integrating them in a very natural way. DJs have to play the next track and have to mix the next track with the currently playing one. So, they need to hear both songs. DJ headphones have the ability to play different songs.

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Audio Headphones

Audio headphones don’t have the ability to play different songs in different ear cups. They are not even built to offer the mixing feature which is a special quality in DJ headphones.


DJ Headphones

DJ headphones fit into the ears easily and they don’t tend to fall or behave slippily. This is all due to their tighter designs which are specially designed for DJs. But, the DJ headphones also have cushions and paddings to give comfort to the DJs instead of suffocating. They are also more durable than regular headphones.

Audio Headphones

Normal studio headphones are not very comfortable due to their loose design. They tend to slip off from the ears and they can’t even be held into one ear which DJs mostly like to do. They are not built to give you a soothing and comfortable feeling when you have to wear them for a long time.

Frequency Range

DJ Headphones

DJ headphones have to work in variable frequencies. They have to perform the feature of mixing, and beatmatching which work on the low and high frequencies. DJ headphones have to be compatible with controllers and mixers. So, to make cueing effective, DJs have to use headphones that can change frequencies and mix the tracks in a natural way.

Audio Headphones

Audio headphones are not made for varied frequencies and they are not even used in different frequencies level. They keep their frequency range equal and normal headphones cannot perform well in DJing.

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DJ headphones vs Gaming headphones(for gaming)

DJ headphones are good for gaming. They have the ability to cancel external noises. They offer loud and punching sounds which gamers love the most. 

DJ headphones offer a great comfort level and enjoyable experience. But, gaming headphones do lack in it. They have a much greater sound quality and loudness as compared to gaming headphones.

Now, many headphones manufacturers are also focusing gaming industry as the young generation is also heading to explore their career profession through Gaming.

But, manufacturer companies are also lacking so many technical features in gaming headphones and they hide all this by showing lavish, colorful lighting designs.

DJ headphones vs Gaming

So, yeah! Gaming headphones are also equally worth gaming purposes.


Are DJ Headphones Good For Normal Use? The answer is yes! 

DJ headphones have excellent manufactured quality. They have the ability to block ambient noises. They are more capable of creating a louder and punch-based sound. They are equally good for gaming due to the addition of various features. They are a bit more expensive but they do worth it.

If you are music passionate, We recommend you own the DJ headphones even for your normal music listening and gaming

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dj headphones help them to mix the different tracks. They have to control and match the frequency of the main and the track to be cued.
DJ headphones also protect your ears from loud noise.

Some DJs use in-ear monitors which help them to block ambient noises.
Some expert DJs do not wear headphones, and they decide frequency range, cueing, and beat matching upon their experience.

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