How to Prevent Headphone Hair

How to Prevent Headphone Hair[Quick Fixes]

If you are used to wearing headphones for your gaming session or for music DJing practices, you must have observed headphone hair. It is basically a hairstyle which is stand up in a weird way when you wear headphones for a long time and you may look bizarre in a professional environment. This is due to the headband which puts pressure on the head and leaves a bent-shaped dent. It may not be an issue worth noticing for some people but you should avoid harsh consequences like headphone hair and you can do a few things to prevent headphone hair.

If you have to attend an important meeting or go to a wedding and you see headphone hair, you get furious over your games or musical instruments which you were playing. Now, you try to wipe it out and comb your hair, but you don’t get immediate results which makes you more concerned.

Don’t get worried. We have researched headphone hair and why it happens and studied the reasons for headphone hair and mentioned them in detail with some precautionary measures to adopt to avoid it and explained some remedies for headphone hair.

What is Headphone Hair?

Basically, headphones are placed over the head. It connects the two ears with its band which creates pressure on the head by tightening your ears from both sides. This pressure flattens the head giving a dent to the head.

This headphone’s pressure causes some serious stress inside your head which weakens your hair cuticles. It may cause your hair to fall out or break causing bald hair.

what is Headphone Hair

Do all headphones cause headphone hair?

There are two types of headphones with respect to their positions that are commonly used.

  • Over-ear headphones
  • In-ear headphones

Both types of headphones have almost similar types of shapes and designs and they rest their positions over the head, putting pressure and stress on the head and flattening the head’s surface from the middle. It may be temporary and it goes away after some time but you should take special care about this headphone hair and dent which may create harmful effects.

Unfortunately, there is no other position for the headphones to take a rest on the head which can give relaxation to the head and may support headphones from other sides as well.

How to Prevent Headphone Hair

Headphone hair is only temporary which forms a weird type of hairstyle after you take off your headphones. They have no permanent effects on your skull or brain.

Here are some steps which you can follow to prevent headphone hair.

1. Keep your hair short

If you are a professional gamer or a musician who has an apparent reason to wear headphones for a long time in a day, you must take special care of your brain and skull’s comfort level. With long hair, you are just taking the headache with headphones and also creating damage to your head. 

In these types of personal situations, you must keep your hair short which may relax your head, and also it is comfortable to keep wearing headphones for a long time. So, it will prevent headphone hair and create comfort for your brain.

How to Prevent the Headphone Hair

2. Give rest to your hair

If you are a professional gamer or wear headphones for a long time, you should remove your headphones from time to time. It will relieve stress from your head and you will feel relaxed when you wear off your headphones. Removing headphones after every few minutes will allow the hair to maintain its original position and they will not get flattened as you are not wearing them for a long time.

You should listen at 85 dB for a time period of 8 hours. If you increase your listening volume, you must decrease the time period to half (4 hours).

World Health Organization

Giving rest to your head or your ears by removing the headphones after certain time periods will keep you away from headphone hair and also maintain the health of your ears as well.

how to Give rest to your hair

3. Wear headphones over Cap

You can use any cap or beanie to wear over your head. It will add an extra layer of protection between your head and headphones. It will keep your hair safe under it and there will be no direct contact of headphones with your head.

You can wear the headphones over the cap as a style and you can also enjoy your evening walk or workout.

Wear headphones over Cap to save headphone hair

4. Wear headphones on top of a hoodie

This is the most stylish option which also works well in order to prevent you from headphones hair. You can simply put a hoodie cap over your head and then wear your headphones. You will feel soft and soothing over your head which is due to the hoddies’ soft cloth. You don’t need to worry about headphone hair with this option and you will also enjoy going for outings or for exercise.

Wear headphones on top of a hoodie to avoid headphone hair

5. Change headphone wearing positions

Headphone hair is due to the headphone’s band’s same position on the head. So, wearing it for a long time in the same position over the head puts pressure which flattens the hair under its band. When you wear off your headphones, you see the dent in the same position where the band was resting.

You must keep changing the positions of the headphone band. You can wear them on the top side right on the front side of the head and then you can wear them under your head. When you keep changing its position from time to time, the chances of headphone hair are wiped away.

Your head also feels comfortable when there is no pressure applied from only one side.

change headphone wearing positions to avoid headphone hair

6. Wear a headband to the back of your head

If you do a long gaming session daily for a long time, you may have seen the headphone hair on the top side of your head. That’s where most of the headphones take their position and are set easy to make the grip

But, you can try wearing your headphones under your head. This position does not put pressure on your head as it has only the grip through your ears with its earcups. It does not put an extra burden on the skull and keeps it in a comfortable position. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent headphone hair if you maintain the headphone position under your head.

Wear a headband to the back of your head to avoid headphone hair

7. Make Sure Headband is Not Tight

You can fit a moveable strap with your headphone and it will take its band place. You can change its size according to your body position and you can stretch and fit it according to your comfort.

You just have to check its tightness. Don’t make it over tight which may put pressure on your head.

You should use the adjustable strap by loosening it over your head so that there is some distance between your head and headphone which will prevent you from having headphone hair.

stretch headphones to avoid headphone hair

8. Use hairspray

If you are a musician and practice DJing while wearing your headphones, you can use hairspray every time you wear your headphones. Headphone hair is due to the consistent pressure over your head and it does not shape entirely at a single time, it just gradually increases with the passage of time and somehow, it shapes weirdly with a lot of periodic pressure over the head.

Use hairspray to avoid headphone hair

9. Make a ponytail of hair

If you have long-length hair, you can make a ponytail of your hair. The headphones will take place above the ponytail and there will be some gap which will stop headphones from creating pressure on your head hence, it will avoid headphone hair.

Make a ponytail of hair to avoid headphone hair

10. Choose the best headphones

You must purchase comfortable headphones which have the qualities of relaxing your head and avoid your head from headphone hair.

You must look for the two characteristics which create your head comfortable and don’t put pressure on your head.

  1. Lightweight headphones
  2. headband padding

You should always purchase headphones that are light in weight. They don’t create massive pressure on your head and are very comfortable for your head avoiding any headphone hair. Check and make sure the weight is less than 0.55lbs.

Headphone padding must be soft enough as the pressure exerted by the headphones may give a dent in your head. Its softness can decrease the pressure and keep your head relaxed.

best headphones for preventing headphone hair

11. Switch to earbuds

This is the simplest way to prevent headphone hair. You can use earbuds that are small in size and low in weight and have delicate rubber that easily fits into your ears and does not create any kind of pressure on your head or ears.

If you are confused about headphone hair and do not want to adopt any of the methods given above, You may switch to earbuds.

But, you must ensure you are comfortable with earbuds inside your ears for a long time as it can give slight pain to the ears.

chose earbuds to avoid headphone hair

How to Fix Headphone Hair

a) Use a Hairdryer

You can fix your headphone hair immediately by using a hair dryer. You just have to roll it over all the hair slowly. Make sure that you don’t apply a hair dryer at a high temperature. You may get your hair or skull damage if you roll your hair dryer over the same place on your head.

b) Utilize water

Water is a cheap and most reliable option to flatten and fix your headphone hair. You must apply some water to your hair and let it dry. It will flatten your hair to the maximum extent. You can easily wet your hair through a spray bottle to make them better moist.

c) Use Hair Gel

If water hasn’t proved to be a good solution to flatten your hair, you may use a hair gel. You can make any hairstyle with hair gel. It will easily fix your headphone hair through its powerful sticky and straightening power. But, if you use headphones again on your head, the gel may stick to your headphone.

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You can prevent headphone hair by wearing a Hoodie or a Cap on your head and then wearing headphones which may reduce the direct pressure applied by headphones on the head. You can also change your headphone position on the head which will rest your head as the headphones are consistently changing their positions on the head which will reduce the chances of headphone hair. We have guided in detail to prevent headphone hair and explain some remedies in case you have headphone hair somehow.
If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to comment below. I will happily answer you in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

It would be best if you use quality headphones with padding on both ears. You can place your headphones on the back of the head to reduce the consistent pressure on the head by headphones in the same position. Learn More

There is no proven research that can prove that wearing headphones can cause hair loss. So, you should not get enough worried about wearing even tight headphones.

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