How Long Should You Wear Headphones a Day

How Long Should You Wear Headphones a Day

Do you listen to music every day? or Are you a music passionate who wears headphones? or Are you a professional gamer who has to wear headphones regularly and many times a day?
You must not ignore the consequences of wearing headphones very often.

Some of us do have children who are used to listening to music at loud volumes with their headsets on their heads. But, few of us have tried to convince them to leave this habit and there is a huge link between headphones and hearing loss. This article explains to you “How long should you wear headphones a day?

Today, 1 in every 5 teens has suffered from hearing loss or experiencing it. The hearing loss rate has increased due to excessive use nowadays. You should monitor your listening time while wearing your headphones on and the loudness of the headphones’ volume.

How Long Should You Wear Headphones for a Day

If you listen to sound wearing your headphones for more than 8 hours, you are probably at hearing loss risk. If you listen to a volume above 85dB, this is also bad for your ears’ health. The safe listening time is cut in half for every 3-dB rise in noise levels over 85 dB.


According to James E. Foy, DO, if you are a teen or a child, then listening to a volume louder than normal can result in hearing loss forever which can delay speech and language development according to Osteopathic pediatricians.

Listening to your favorite music or playing your favorite game while wearing your Headphones or earbuds is not at all bad for your health. But, when you cross the hearing volume limit or exceed your listening time, it impairs your health and leaves bad consequences on your ears.

How Long Should You Wear Headphones a Day?

According to World Health Organization, You should wear your headphones for 1 hour per day which is quite normal for your hearing health. You may consider it quite abnormal for you but, you should always keep in mind that listening to music at high volume is dangerous for you in the longer term.

Hearing loss is spread in aged people. But, at present, this issue has become quite common among teens and kids which is an alarming situation for people’s welfare.

Because teens are used to attending clubs and concerts, they spend much of their time in loud noises which do not affect their hearing for a short period of time but can cause huge damage to their hearing.

You may be addicted to listening to music or gaming with super sound through your headphones but you should always consider the drawbacks which may cost you heavily for the sake of your enjoyment.

How loud is too loud?

If you are a music lover and you wear headphones very often, you must check that your listening devices are tuned at an appropriate level and you must ensure that they don’t reach the maximum sound level.

For reference, listening to sound above 85dB for 2 hours is considered appropriate. But, if you increase your listening time with a sound level of more than 85dB, you are exposed to hearing damage. But, if you reach the sound level from 105-110dB, it can give your ears damage in less than 5 minutes. So, you must consider the sensitivity of loud volume. A sound level less than 70 dB is considered appropriate and you must tune your device at this minimal level to avoid any hearing damage.

How loud is too loud

Dr. Foy advises that you should not increase your listening period by more than 60% of the maximum volume.

You can always set the volume via an equalizer and balance it at a lower sound level to listen to music. You can change frequency and bass level and adjust it at an appropriate level.

If you are unable to adjust them appropriately, you can try a method that can obviously help you.

  • You should first adjust the sound to a level where you listen to music most of the time.
  • Now, you should wear off your headphones and listen to music in a quiet environment.
  • If you are still listening to sound, you must reduce it up to the level where you are unable to listen to it while your headphones are off your head.

You must have experienced or heard about noise-canceling headphones. These are made to block noises from the external environment. Because, when we are in public places, we increase our headphones’ volume to counter the noise so that we may enjoy our music purely. That’s why noise canceling headphones are made to avoid you adopting this habit of increasing volume which may cross a safer limit and go up to 80 dB.

How long is too long?

Time spent in your listening to music with your audio devices on your head also matters a lot as it may be a crucial factor involved in giving you hearing damage.

According to Dr. Foy, “You should listen to a volume at level up to 60% for a total of 60 minutes a day. The louder your volume is, the shorter your duration must be.”

How long is too long for listening duration

What are the signs of hearing loss?

You may not experience any hearing damage as it is a gradual increase in giving you damage to your ears and affecting your hearing.

But if you are a child and you experience any of the following symptoms, you must visit a doctor.

Look at the following symptoms which you must take seriously in order to avoid hearing loss.

  • You are unable to listen to low-volume sounds.
  • You face difficulties understanding speeches in noisy places.
  • Ringing or buzzing in your ears.
  • You may physically observe Headset Dent
  • You always listen to the speech or any music at a high volume.

Hearing damage is not always permanent it is a gradual increase that accumulates and you experience it when you get aged. But, the only reliable way to detect any hearing damage is to consult a doctor and then follow his guidance.

Headsets or In-ear Earbuds (in case of safe sound level)?

When you have to compare the audio devices and check for what is safe in terms of sound level and which audio device, you should prefer. So, In-ear earbuds are more dangerous and cause much damage to your hearing as they sit inside your ears.

In-ear earbuds increase the volume by 9dB when they go inside your ears 

Headsets or In-ear Earbuds

Suggestions for safe listening

You must adopt some precautionary measures which are necessary for your health as loud noise for a long time exposure can give you hearing loss. Please follow the guidelines as recommended by health experts below.

  • You should always consult a doctor about any of your concerns about hearing problems and you will appropriate advice from the doctor. Your hearing health is very important and you should not hesitate to seek help from an otolaryngologist.
  • You should give rest to your ears. You must take breaks from listening to music while wearing your headphones. This will avoid any hearing damage and keep your ears’ health intact.
  • Always follow the guidelines given by World Health Organization which is all about, how much listening duration is normal and how loud you should listen to music with your headphones.

How to prevent negative effects of headphones

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says hearing loss may sign as you feel difficulty hearing speeches and conversations in public environments. You may feel a ringing in the ear or you may have a need for turning up the volume on the radio or your TV.

If you are wearing your headphones for up to an hour a day, you may reduce the symptoms of hearing loss and prevent it. You must use noise-canceling headphones. You must clean them periodically with a soft cloth and absorbing alcohol and you can wash every nook and corner of the headphones with a cotton swab. You must adhere to safety measures and appropriate sound levels.

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How can I prevent hearing loss?

You must follow the golden 60/60 rule which is set according to the duration of hearing music and how loud the sound is. You must use over-ear headphones which are old and cover the whole ear. It absorbs a little bit of sound level and saves your ears from potential harm. You should never go towards in-ear earbuds which rest in the ears and increase the sound level.

How can I prevent hearing loss?


How long should you wear headphones a day? You must wear headphones for one hour a day according to World Health Organization. You must keep the sound level below 70dB. You must reduce your listening duration. If you feel any difficulties in hearing sounds in public places, you must consult a doctor. You must take your ear’s health seriously and never compromise over your temporary pleasures of enjoying music.

I hope you are now well aware of your ears’ health and that you will adopt precautionary measures in order to avoid any hearing damage. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to comment below.

People Also Ask

You should not wear your headphones all day. You should keep your sound level below 70 dB and you must keep your listening duration optimal. If you increase the sound level, you must reduce the listening time. If you wear headphones for all day, it may give you ear wax which can damage your ears’ health.

Headphones don’t cause hearing loss. You should aware of other consequences which you may face in form of ear wax, head dent, hearing damage, or weak ear health.

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