How to charge JLAB headphones

How to charge JLAB headphones and EarBuds

If you have got a new pair of JLAB earbuds or headphones then you might need to know, how to properly charge them because you may face issues in the charging process.

As wireless technology has been around, earbuds and headphones have also shifted toward wireless Bluetooth connections. But, these wireless devices operating through Bluetooth signals cause the battery to drain so quickly. That’s why there has been an option given to the consumers to charge JLAB earbuds via a case.

To charge your JLAB earbuds, you just have to place them in a case and let them charge. They will automatically be turned off.

To charge your JLAB headphones, just use the USB which comes along in the new pack. Connect USB to headphones and then connect it with a charger.

How to know when Your headphones Need to Charge?

You must want to know about the charging of JLAB earbuds and headphones. But, you need to know when they need to charge.

  • Some JLAB models can also signal through Red light that they are low in charge and needed to charge.
  • Some JLAB devices also have the option to give you a voice command letting you know about the charging status.

How to charge JLAB Headphones?

You can charge your JLAB headphones with a USB charging cable. One side of the charging cable is attached to the headphones and the other to any mobile charger.

You can connect the cable to your computer as well to provide the necessary power. Now, you can leave the headphones to charge. Just make sure the headphones are getting power from the source and they are charging appropriately.

How to charge JLAB Headphones?

How To Charge Jlab Earbuds

You can place your JLAB earbuds in a charging case where they will automatically be turned off. They will give you signals about the different charging statuses.

The earbuds’ case turns on the light to guide the charging status.

  • If they are charged 25-100%, the green light will be turned on.
  • If they are charged between 0-25%, the red light will be turned on.

How to make sure that my headphones are charging?

There are lighting signals on the headphones which guide you about different charging statuses.

  • If there is red light showing on the headphones while they are charging.
  • If it shows a solid blue light, it will indicate that the headphones are fully charged.

Charging time depends on the battery health and the USB cable which can reduce the charging time and gives you great battery timing depending upon the good health of the battery. If the headphones are fully charged, you don’t need to take the tension of over-charging as it will automatically stop charging.

How to make sure that my headphones are charging

Will JLab earbuds charge while case is charging?

Yes! When the earbuds are in the charging case, both are charged while plugging in the charging case with the power adapter.

TIP: You must keep your earbuds’ charging above 25%. It saves you from bearing a charging cycle. Because each charging cycle reduces battery health affecting battery health.

How To Solve The Charging Problems?

You may face some hurdles in charging the headphones/earbuds due to their being electronic devices.

Charge fully to long-lasting battery life

You must charge your headphones 100 % if you want to go on a long the travel. Because it will keep you enjoy with your earbuds on the travel without any tension of battery timing out. Charging earbuds fully improves the battery health of the earbuds allowing them to have a long life.

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Check USB cable

If you observe that your earbuds are taking a long time to get charged then you might need to think about the charging cable and power adapter. A faulty USB charging cable can damage your earbuds and it increases the charging time which takes more than usual.

USB cable to charge earbuds

Check the charging port when you face battery issues like the long time taking to get charged fully. The charging port may get loose which causes a long time to charge the battery.

Solved: Why Do Earbuds Break So Easily

Change the battery if needed

You must need to get a new battery if you have experienced the above steps but you are still facing the charging issues. Then, you might need to replace your battery to get better performance.

Make sure that you charge your battery fully and do not overcharge regularly as it decreases battery working efficiency.

Which JLab headphones and earbuds have strong battery life

You must purchase headphones and earbuds with strong battery life. There are different types of headphones and earbuds available which have different options available depending on their battery timings and battery life.



Battery Life

Battery Capacity

Charging Time

JLab studio true wireless headphones

JLab studio true wireless headphones

30 Hours

480 mAh

3 Hours

JLAB Flex Sport

JLAB Flex Sport

20 Hours

330 mAh

3 Hours

JLab studio ANC

JLab studio ANC

34 Hours

480 mAh

3 Hours

JLAB Rewind Retro

JLAB Rewind Retro

12 Hours

220 mAh

2 Hours

JLab Neon

JLab Neon

13 Hours

330 mAh

2.5 Hours

Get Help From A Headphone Expert

If you have tried all the above solutions to fix your earbuds or headphones and you have also checked your battery and its health and still you are experiencing issues, you must call any technician or headphone expert to fix the issue.

Should I keep my earbuds in the case when not in use?

This is a good practice to keep your earbuds in the case. If you keep them in the case for the charging purpose, you don’t need to worry about overcharging as a lithium-ion battery will help to stop the charging intake.

Keeping earbuds in the case will also protect your earbuds from getting lost.
It will also keep your earbuds protective and stay away from any dust or debris.

How To Reset Jlab Earbuds

  • Keep both of your earbuds in the case.
  • Remove the earbuds from the Bluetooth devices from your mobile.
  • Tap both of your earbuds 7 times while they are in the charging case.
  • Take your earbuds out of the case and it will blink blue and white light indicating its pairing.

Now, you can connect your earbuds to your device.


How to charge JLAB headphones and EarBuds? You can charge your headphones by connecting them with a USB cable and with a power adapter. JLAB earbuds can be charged by keeping them in the case and they will be charged and will show light indicators. JLAB earbuds have an excellent sound quality and you can enjoy seamless music.

I hope that now you are well aware of the charging process and keeping them last for a long time period.

People Also Ask

Usually, the recommendation is given by the brand to charge JLAB earbuds before using them. They usually take 2-3 hours to get charged.

JLAB headphones have battery timing of up to 10 hours which is more than enough to make you listen to non-stoppable music. But, some of JLab headphones have normally a bit more battery timing than others.

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