How to Clean Headphone Pads

How to Clean Headphone Pads[Complete Guide]

To get the best listening experience from your headphones, it is necessary to clean them and wipe out any dirt or debris from them. You must check that the headphones’ pads are washed enough that you have no hurdle in listening to music and playing your games. Cleansing headphones’ pads are integral to making your headphones clean thoroughly.

If you are not used to cleaning your headphones fully, you may get into much trouble in form of poor sound performance and low volume. It is a lot easier to clean them when headphones pads/muffs are removable.

Why do we need to clean our headphones?

If you are music passionate or workout while listening to music with headphones, you must check your earbuds or headphones and examine that they are wrapped up by the dist, ear wax, and grease. That’s because they are of much use in our daily lives. They are more open to the outside environment where dust and debris gather on the devices’ surface.

All this can give ear wax and probably ear infection which we wouldn’t want at any cost. A little care can save us from giving damaging our ears or earbuds.

Why do we need to clean our headphones

We will be guiding in detail on the importance of cleaning headphones pads and when you should realize to clean your headphones or earbuds.

How to clean Headphones

There are many approaches to cleaning your headphones properly. But, a few things to consider and arrange before cleaning them.

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Rubbing alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide
  • Q-tips/cotton buds
  • Microfiber cloth
  • First of all, remove the Headphones pads carefully and clean the outer part of the audio device. Make sure that you disconnect your headphones before cleaning them.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and damp it in soapy water. Microfiber does not damage your headphones. Now, you can clean your headphones from their outer surface.
  • Now, you can dip your cloth in rubbing alcohol and clean the headphones’ pads. Take Q-tips/cotton buds and also soak them into the rubbing alcohol and clean the nook and corners with it to properly clean the headphones.
  • Dry headphones entirely to make the process complete.

Preventive Measure
Take some alcohol and wash the foam by gently pressing and rubbing both sides. It will wipe off any dust or ear wax in the earpads. It is a very helpful and preventive measure to keep you away from any bacterial infection due to dust in your headphones.

How To Clean Earbuds

The earbuds/earphones are more difficult and important to clean as they are inserted directly into your ears. So, there are more chances of ear wax and dust may go into your ears causing a bacterial infection.

How To Clean Earbuds

Always keep your earbuds in their case. It saves them from dust and works as a protective place for them.

  • To clean your earbuds, first of all, clean the area of the buds which is inserted into your ears. Hold your earbuds and clean them with a spare toothbrush.
  • You may use a microfiber cloth and damp it in soapy water and clean them by holding your earbuds in your hand. Now, you can clean them with a dry cloth. It will remove any dirt from the earbuds.
  • Never submerge them in water as they are a delicate electronic gadgets and water may go inside.
  • To clean the metal ear tip, Soak it in deep soapy water for a few seconds.
  • Now, use a small cloth and rubbing alcohol and rub over it gently and wrap a dry cloth over it for a few seconds.

When Should You Clean Headphones?

You should clean your headphones according to your use,  frequency of use, and proper hygiene of your ears. If you use them more often in a day, you need to clean them up regularly. But if you use them on alternate days, you may increase the cleaning period.

a) If You Use headphones daily

If you wear your headphones while jogging or you are used to working out by listening to music while wearing your headphones on your head then there are more chances that your audio device is getting dust and debris. You need to clean them regularly to avoid any ear wax which may cause infection in your ears. You can clean them with a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol by using the method mentioned above.

It will save your ears from any bacterial infection due to dust and debris being gathered in your headphones, will improve the sound quality of your headphones or earbuds, improve your listening experience and cause positive impacts on your ear health as well.

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When Should You Clean Headphones

b) If You Don’t Use headphones daily

But if you use them weekly or once after many days, the cleaning period may increase and you don’t need to clean them regularly. If you are a business person and have to do a lot of work all the time, you must be using your audio device once a week or use them less often. There won’t be much dust gathered in your headphone pads, so you don’t need to clean them regularly.

You can use Q-tips/cotton buds to remove sensitive dust particles which may be on the nooks and corners of the headphones to avoid any bacteria which may appear due to this much time.

Replacing Headphones Pads When Needed

This is one of the most obvious signs which indicate the poor audio driven by headphones which makes the listening experience impaired. Headphone pads are worn out with the passage of time due to wearing in and wearing out. If the headphones pads look rotten and you feel that there are cracks at different spots on the headphones pads, the time has come to change the pads.

Some people don’t know they can replace headphones’ pads instead of changing them and purchasing expensive new ones.
With the passage of time, headphones pads absorb dust, sweat, and other moisture which somehow block the outer surface of the headphones. It worsens the headphones’ quality and lowers the volume of headphones which creates the need for new headphones.

When you clean your headphones, you notice their sound quality improved and it may increase the headphone’s life.

Clean Headphone jack

If you have cleaned your headphones’ pads and you are still facing issues with your headphones, you may want to clean your headphone jack.
If there is some dust stuck in the headphone jack, it can create problems with your headphone’s contact with your device and you may not be able to listen properly. 

Clean Headphone jack

You can pull out dust by inserting some pins and cleaning the inner jack of the headphones. You can also make the dust wet and any water absorbent will do the cleaning work.
Whatever you do to clean your headphones jack, must remember to do the cleaning process gently to avoid any potential damage.

Keep Your Ears Clean

You must clean your ears regularly to avoid any ear wax creation. Ear wax may be created due to any dust or dirt which may be due to your body’s exposure to an outside environment where there is dust. This damages your headphones pads and houses on the outer layer of the headphones.

Keep Your Ears Clean


How to clean headphone pads? You can clean your headphones with soapy water, a microfiber cloth, and rubbing alcohol. First, you have to clean the external part( headphones’ pads) from which sound comes then you have to clean it fully with rubbing alcohol and then dry it. 
Cleaning headphones will extend their life and also improves their sound quality and performance.
We have made this guide to realize you the importance of headphones’ cleaning and its advantages. I hope you would have learned and enjoyed it. Do comment on what you think about it.

People Also Ask

  • Clean them with a paper towel before keeping them
  • Expose them to sunlight for a few minutes which may decrease the odor.

Headphones are gadgets that are used multiple times a day. So, they are exposed to dust and debris which if not cleaned can leave a smell after some time. To remove the smell, you have to pull the headphones’ pads off and clean them with hydrogen peroxide with a cotton or fiber cloth.

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