Make Earbuds More Comfortable

12 Tips to Make Earbuds More Comfortable

If you’re music passionate or a gamer and you wear earbuds quite a lot but it is very annoying when you don’t feel comfortable with your earbuds in your ears. Sometimes, they are more likely to fall out of your ears and start itching your ear canal.

If you are attending an online meeting or you’re working out while listening to music, you want your earbuds more comfortable without any hesitation to adjust them again and again. Earbuds can be uncomfortable when they are getting old. But, a few tips mentioned below will help you to make them more relaxing.

Steps to Make Earbuds More Comfortable

1. Make sure that size of earbuds fits correctly in your ear

First thing, you must check that the size of the earbuds is according to your ear and they fit in your ears easily. Different people have different sizes and shapes of ears, so not every earbud is made to fit everyone’s ears.

If earbuds do not fit into your ears, you might need to change the model of your earbuds and try a different size this time. Some people play with earbuds casing to adjust the size accordingly but this is not recommended as it will be of no use for anyone. But most earbuds have rubber tips which you can replace and purchase a new tip and it will be an inexpensive solution that will make your earbuds comfier.

You should first try earbuds into your ears before buying them and check whether they easily get fit into your ears. If you have to press hard to get them inserted into your ears, they are not comfortable. Earbuds must easily fit into your ears and they should have a firm grip on your ears.

2. Wear earbuds correctly

Some people literally force earbuds to get them into their ears. But, it will not adjust comfortably and will tend to fall out of your ears.

Tips to Make Earbuds More Comfortable

Earbuds have rubber or foam tips. You just have to squeeze them a little bit while putting earbuds in the ears and leave them. Once they get into your ears, the foam will automatically be expanded into your ears and it will fit into your ears having a firm grip.

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Don’t try to push earbuds into the ears causing damage to your ears either or to your earbuds.

3. Seat ear tip firmly

Amazon and Samsung have made an Earphone Fit Test which checks that you have worn the earbuds correctly and they fit into your ears. It also guides you about the size of your earbuds according to your ears.

Your ear canal must be completely sealed by your earbud. Some people force them to get them fit into your ears. But, you must properly seat them into your ears. Hold the outer rim of your ear and pull it a bit down. Now, hold the earbud’s tip and squeeze it a little bit, and seat tip firmly into your ears. You will be able to feel the music with base and minor notes when they fit correctly into your ears.

Earphone Fit Test

4. Ear tip materials and shape

Some people really excuse not getting comfortable earbuds even after getting a new one. That is because of the hard material used in making ear tips.

Ideal earbuds are the ones that have silicone ear tips or foam ear tips attached. They perfectly fit into your ears and improves your listening experience and make it more enjoyable.

Ideal earbuds are the ones that have silicone ear tips or foam ear tips attached. They perfectly fit into your ears and improves your listening experience and make it more enjoyable.

But, what type of ear tips you should use?

It depends on some factors which are explained below.

  • Foam Ear Tips

If your sweaty person or you work out daily where you get much moisture, you must use earbuds with foam ear tips. You can also use a waterproof case with it to absorb moisture. If you feel that the earbuds are not fit for your ears and they are loose, you should go for silicone ear tips.

  • Silicone Ear Tips

Silicone ear tips are available in all sizes and shapes and you can pick the best fit for your ears. But, keep in mind that earbuds with silicone ear tips are more prone to fall as moisture easily attaches to the silicone material surface.

5. Add-Ons for keeping earbuds in place

You can use a headband or a cap to keep your earbuds tight in their place and this is the most simple and inexpensive method.

There are some after-market clips available that are tightly held over and above the ear. It creates a strong grip on your ears and earbuds. These clips are also comfortable to fit into your ears.

Add-Ons for keeping earbuds in place

6. Consider wireless earbuds

Most people want to go with wired headphones because they are using them for a long time. But, they are not more comfortable than wireless earphones.

Wired earphones cause problems due to wires attached to them, they can be wrapped around your neck and when you sleep with them, it is very dangerous if wires get tangled.

Wireless earbuds are more comfortable as they are hands-free and don’t wear any extra burden of wires.

7. Don’t fall asleep with earbuds

Don’t try to fall asleep with earbuds that are not specifically designed to be used for this purpose.

fall asleep with earbuds

You can use some wireless earphones which are more comfortable while you sleep and they are set low in volume while sleeping. Sleeping with headphones may damage your ears and cause hearing loss. Don’t ever try to sleep with wired headphones which can be wrapped around your body.

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8. Maintain proper hygiene

You must clean your earbuds and your ears regularly if you are used to wearing earbuds for a long time in a day. Your earbuds may get ear wax from your ears which causes itching in your ears. It may completely damage your ears which can result in hearing loss. You must clean your ears and remove ear wax to enjoy non-stoppable music.

9. Don’t wear earbuds for a long time

You should not wear your earbuds for a long time every day. It may create some bacteria in form of ear wax. You should listen to music at low volume otherwise, your ears may get warmer which causes serious harm to your ears.

That’s why you feel uncomfortable while listening to music for a long time. You can also use soft padding to attach to your headphones which keeps them soft.

Exposure to sound levels above 85 dB may cause ear damage with exposure of more than two hours, while exposure to the sound of 110 dB or more can cause damage in a few minutes.


10. Don’t wear earbuds when getting a tattoo

You should not wear earbuds right before or after getting a tattoo. Because they are made from permanent markups which use needles to design them on your skin.

It could be hazardous for your skin if you wear earbuds to get a tattoo near your ears. So, avoid wearing earbuds for some time.

11. Chose noise-canceling earbuds

You must choose noise-canceling earbuds if you live in an area where there is too much traffic noise or if there is noise in your home where you live with children.

These earbuds are more comfortable and produce a better sound quality which improves your listening experience.

noise canceling earbuds

12. Use a clothing clip

You might have seen people wearing wired earphones hung with a clip to their shirts. These earphones’ wires are built of heavy metal. They make you feel lightweight with your earphones. They exert less pressure on your ears and become more comfortable improving your listening experience.


You can make earbuds more comfortable by properly adopting a fit size and shape of earbuds according to your ears. You must use earbuds that have more comfy ear tips and you must wear them correctly which may not damage your ears. You can use any accessory like clips to hold the wires of earphones and grip them with your shirt to make you relaxed and lightweight. Must choose high-quality earbuds which are more comfortable.
We have guided you in detail to make your earbuds more comfortable. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to comment below.

People Also Ask

  • Make sure that you don’t exert much pressure on your earbuds.
  • Clean your device periodically to avoid any dirt or debris.
  • Listen to music at low volume.

Don’t put pressure on the AirPods as they don’t get too inside the ears. They just sit on the contours of the ears. Just gently wear them and leave them to enjoy non-stop music.

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