how to reset your bluetooth headphones

How to Reset Onn Bluetooth Headphones [Working Guide]

Awareness of the tactics can easily reset your Bluetooth Headphones and save your wireless headphones from plenty of issues. Only minimal information about How to Reset Onn Bluetooth Headphones can make the Bluetooth headphones the best choice for you in picking headphones.

Most of the time, Bluetooth headphones seem to stop working occasionally. They do not pair with our smartphones, and sometimes headphones give sound out of the device. It just sounds meaningless.

Don’t be too afraid of this issue, as many people experience similar problems in their routine lives with their Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth devices are not yet made to define perfection. So, these issues are not because you have purchased the wrong wireless headphone or a cheap one. 

There are some things that you can do to solve most of the issues appearing in wireless headphones. 

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Why and how to reset your Bluetooth headphones right now?

If your Bluetooth headphones are not working correctly, you must consider some tips to make them functional.

  • If your Bluetooth headset won’t connect with your smartphone or laptop
  • If your smartphone is not able to find Bluetooth headphones
  • If your headphones are not pairing with any other device successfully
  • If your headphones keep disconnecting from your device
  • If your headphones are disconnecting despite being charged fully.
  • If you’re watching a video and the audio is delayed
  • If the sound is full of static
  • If you can connect your Bluetooth headphones, no sound is coming out.

If you also face issues like the above, you must consider some tips to make them work properly. So, every time your broken headphone or any other hardware issue is not the problem that creates any of the above issues but not having proper connectivity.

In these kinds of issues, We have observed that a hard reset is not the first solution you should pick to solve the issue because no connectivity or wrong pair may be the issue which can be resolved by simply restarting the device or resetting and waiting for a couple of minutes.

How to Reset Bluetooth Headphones According to Brand

You can reset your Bluetooth headphones according to the specific brand you own. It takes some guesswork but definitely, each brand has its own specifications and complexities when there arises any issue.

Here are the different brands you may select among them:

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How to Reset Onn Bluetooth Headphones

General guidelines on How to Reset Onn Bluetooth Headphones

  • Power them down by Holding the power button.
  • Plug the headphones into a USB charging cable, which will turn red.
  • Hold down the power button again, and you will hear a beep indicating that the headphones have finished resetting.

After a factory reset, you must pair them again before using the headphones.

Each Brand has its specifications and operations that work differently. So, We have listed Headphones Brands and found their working guide to solve general issues.

The Onn headphones are modern, designed premium, and equally suitable for casual and professional listening. If you want to go toward becoming DJ, these headphones will make your way smooth to move forward. These headphones genuinely help people with a particular craze for high bass boosted music and get the most out of their music. These headphones provide powerful sound with 40mm drivers and a high-frequency range.

What To Look For When Buying Wireless Headphones?

The following factors will help you in buying the best wireless headphones.


Most wireless headphones connect to smartphones with Bluetooth. So, there may arise some connectivity issues and consistent dropouts.

When you are about to purchase wireless headphones, make sure it has good connectivity, and there are minimal dropouts. Your device must be compatible with the wireless headphones through Bluetooth connectivity.

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Battery Life

Most wireless headphones have battery timing issues. So, while purchasing, it should possess a good battery life. But, it all depends on your usability, like, if you use it for a long time on a single charge.


The headphones you buy must possess extreme comfort. You should try different headphones by wearing them so you might get an idea of varying comfort levels.

how to reset your bluetooth headphones

Clearing memory of the associated device

  • Integrate the headphones inside the carry case and power it via USB.
  • Press both buttons simultaneously for five seconds and then release them.
  • The headphones will erase any integrated device from the headphones.    

What If the Reset Doesn’t Work?

There are many other things we have tried in case only the reset does not work for us. There are many other things we have tried in case only the reset does not work for us.

  • Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Distance between two connecting devices is considerable.
  • There is no other connecting or already connected device.
  • Restart your computer or smartphone to ensure the issue is not at that end.
  • Unpair all devices connected to your headset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Onn headphones are built to high standards to be highly water-resistant and work well in the rain. But, the headphones are not waterproof.

The Onn headphones can last for up to 4 hours. Onn headphones have a flexible charging cable that charges the headphones quickly.

The Onn Bass headphones are especially created to enhance bass response.

The BTH 240 is in pairing mode when alternating red and blue light illuminate. It will enter into pairing mode if it is not attached to any device.

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