How To Use Headphone Mic On Phone

How To Use Headphone Mic On Phone[Complete Guide]

It will be very irritating when you buy new headphones and try to connect them to your phone to be used as a microphone but they are not working on your phone. There is no issue with your headphone, you just have to follow the guide and change some settings in order to enable the mic to work on your phone.

Your android phone mic issues are not unusual and there are problems that you may face with your phone while connecting the external devices

How to use headphone mic on phone[Explore all Steps]

  1. Test Your Headphones
  2. Restart Your Phone
  3. Update the Phone’s software
  4. Clean your Headphone connector
  5. Check Headphone Jack
  6. Ensure that Headphone Microphone is not Muted
  7. Check Phone Audio Settings
  8. Factory Reset your Android Phone

How to connect Headphone Mic to Phone with Bluetooth?

Headphone Bluetooth mics are made to use as a wireless devices to connect with other devices via Bluetooth. It has a transmitter and a Bluetooth chip inside the device.

  • First of all, turn the headphone mic on.
  • Open your mobile setting and turn on the Bluetooth
  • Make sure that your headphone is discoverable in the Bluetooth settings
  • Click the amplifier mic in the Bluetooth Headphone to interface the mic to the cell phone.
How to connect Headphone Mic to Phone with Bluetooth

1. Test Your Headphones

Check if your mobile phone mic is working correctly and if there is no problem with that. You can connect your headphone with your mobile and have a little chat with your colleague to help you out by telling him that he is listening to you clearly. You can also record any audio clip through your mobile while the headphone is connected and then listen to yourself to check whether there is any issue or not.

If you are unable to listen to the audio, try to connect the headphone with another mobile to make sure whether there is an issue with your mobile phone. If it works with another phone, surely your mobile phone has the issue.

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2. Restart Your Phone

Most of the devices we own may create some temporary issues which are quickly resolved by just restarting the device as it refreshes the device and makes the functional ability of different software smooth.

  • Push the power off the button and hold it.
  • Now, select “Restart ”option.
  • It will reboot your device automatically.

3. Update Phone’s software

Sometimes, there is a bug in the software of the device which is stopping the mobile from performing normally. This issue is not that big but it creates bugs in mobile diverse settings.

You can update your mobile system in the following steps:

  • Open your mobile settings.
  • Go to About Phone in the settings.
  • Update System there.
  • You can also check a pop-up saying there is a new update.
How To Use Headphone Mic On Phone

4. Clean your Headphone connector

Sometimes, headphones become so dirty and oily that they cannot connect to the device accurately and their connection with the device does not create correctly.

You must clean your headphones with cotton or a washed cloth.

  • Try to dip the cloth in a cleaner.
  • Now, clean the connector with the cloth.
Clean your Headphone connector

It will remove any oil or dust which is strangled around the connector and will clear the connection.

5. Check Headphone Jack

You must clean the audio jack on your mobile phone and remove all the dust which is blocking the connection and disturbing it.

  • Clean your headphone jack with a cloth.
  • Soak it in a nail polish remover.
  • Now gently enter it into the jack and clean the surface.
Check Headphone Jack

Now, try to connect your headphone to your mobile and check if it works.

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6. Ensure that Headphone Microphone is not Muted

Sometimes, we muted our headphones unknowingly and that is all creating the issue.

Many headsets come with a Mute option and we can turn it on, especially while we play games and we are talking in our surroundings. So, to stop making our game friends listen, we mute our headphones.

7. Check Phone Audio Settings

You must enable the necessary settings on your mobile phone to allow the headphones to work properly. You may not even notice that your microphone has been off while recording in Google Meet or a Zoom meeting. Sometimes, our mic is too close to our mouth which also takes the noises from the background and another person might find it difficult to listen to you clearly.

 Check Phone Audio Settings

So, increase the volume from the background settings on your mobile phone.

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8. Factory Reset your Android Phone

  • Go to Settings on your mobile phone.
  • Now, go to the system.
  • Check reset and click it.
  • Chose Factory Reset.

–>It will fix all software-related problems.

If none of the above steps work, you can try this option. But, make sure that you save your data to another place.

How to Use Headphones With Built-in Mic on Windows 10 PC

We are living in an era where headphones with Built-in Mic have become the basic need to work from home and games especially. But, headphones with a built-in mic require a few settings on Windows 10. 

Because we use multiple audio devices on our PC which sets the device accordingly and when we try to connect a different external device, it overlaps the settings thus our audio device does not work properly.

If your headphone mic is not working properly, probably the setting of the PC is hindering which has been set for a particular audio device and does not work for another device.

Make sure that your headphone connector is connected correctly to the audio jack of your PC and that it is inserted completely.

  1. Go to the settings on your PC.
  2. Open the sound settings from there. (you can also access them from the bottom corner of the PC.)
  3. Go to the sound control panel.
  4. Select your headphone as your default input device on the control panel.

—>To prevent any unnecessary involvement, you must turn off the settings of any particular software like zoom which may overlap the PC settings and thus it interferes with the smooth functioning of Headhpnes(their mics)  devices.

Tips to get Bluetooth headphone mic to work on PC or Phone

Turn on the Bluetooth on the PC and connect it to the headphone via Bluetooth and pair both devices.

Try to keep the distance of both devices in the range of 10 meters.

If your PC has many audio ports available, you might think that you can connect multiple headsets at the same time and it would allow you to follow this approach but unfortunately, this is not the situation.

  • There are some third-party applications that change the elements of your android cell phone. It just interferes with your mic control but it does not harm the device.
  • When your headphone mic stops working on your device, the first option you should seek is to Reboot the device which will refresh it, and try to wipe off any error or bug associated.
  • Must check that the volume in your device control panel or in the settings is at an adequate level and it is not very low which you should correct.
  • Your device hardware must be updated.
  • Your device system’s software must also be updated.

How to Test Your Headset Microphone on Windows PC

There may be some compatibility issues or hardware malfunction which causes the proper functioning of the headphones and we should not decide on the basis of just checking whether it is working when we connect through plugging in the PC. We must check the headphones’ connectivity issues.

You should perform two tests to validate the hardware of the Headset Microphone

  1. Windows mic test
  2. Sound recording test
How to Test Your Headset Microphone on Windows PC

1. Windows Mic Test

If there are multiple devices connected to the PC, you must check for the error separately for each device.

This is a very simple and easy test for checking microphone issues and detecting the configuration of the mic setting on the PC and whether it is connected correctly.

  1. First of all, Open the setting on the PC.
  2. Go to the Sound option there.
  3. Select “chose your input device” under the input section.
  4. Select the microphone or recording device 
  5. There will be a soundbar to verify the headphone mic. Try to speak into the mic and check if the bar moves or not. If it moves, your headphone mic is ok and is taking the input.
  6. If the bar does not show any movement, you should Troubleshoot.
  7. If troubleshooting also doesn’t resolve the problem, Open the “App volume and device preferences”.
  8. Now, select a different device and perform the same tasks given above.
Windows Mic Test

2. Sound Recording Test

You should adjust your PC settings according to the quality of the sound you are getting from your PC.

Record your sound from the microphone and check its clarity and then perform the following test to detect the error.

  1. First of all, go to the search bar on your PC.
  2. The search bar is on the left corner at the bottom of the PC.
  3. Find the Sound Recorder app there.
  4. Record any clip for about a minute.
  5. Now, play the app and listen to it to check its clarity.
  6. If the recording isn’t clear, the issue likely lies with the app.
Sound Recording Test

Troubleshooting Headphones Mic on PC

Update Sound Driver

Mostly you don’t have to get worried about any software update on PC Windows 10. They are updated automatically through Windows. 

But, in some cases, when there is any problem in the system or any of its software, you have to manually update the software installed.

  1. First of all, go to the device manager.
  2. You can access the device manager from the taskbar and right-click on it. The device manager option will be on the list. Just click on it.
  3. You will see all of your computer device options and their software.
  4. Just right-click on the sound driver and update.
  5. It will by default look for the update and do it accordingly.
Try Windows troubleshooter
  1. Select Troubleshoot setting option from under the start menu.
  2. Select the Additional Troubleshooter option.
  3. Select the “Speech” option and Run the troubleshooter for your in-built mic.
  4. Now, follow the screen options and answer them accordingly.

Normally, your PC has a mic built-in for routine use.

But, many people have laptop for their professional use. Some use it for gaming purpose. So, the headphones’ mic performs well in this case and they have the ability to make the sound clear and active which reaches the sound to your friend or to your colleague and hence improves your professional and gaming experience improved.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Check the mute button on the mic. Make sure it is turned Off.
  • Turn on the power of the mic and try again talking by recording something and listening to it.
  • Tap Settings
  • Google Play Services.
  • Permissions
  • Go to Microphone

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