JLab Epic 2 Review

JLab Epic 2 Review | Wireless Sport Earbuds

JLab Epic 2 sports earbuds you can wear in the gym and with them on your ear, you can listen to music in the rain as they are waterproof. There is a wire going from the left to the right earbud which is good. Because they are so small, you can quickly lose them and don’t want it to happen.

JLab Epic 2 Review

JLab Epic 2

JLab – Epic2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Color: Gray/Blue
Rating: 3.5-3.7
Form Factor: In Ear
Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

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Bottom Line

JLab Audio Epic2 wireless sports earbuds are very affordable and offer waterproof technology. They deliver high sound performance with their 8mm sound drivers. Let me share you with the basic characteristics which these Sports earbuds have…

  • good looks
  • sturdy design
  • flat cord, low cord noise
  • muffle outside noise

Love Good Looks, Buy them quickly!


  • Decent in design and in Overall Look.
  • Great Sound and is good at Bass
  • Don’t fall out of ears even with a lot of head movement
  • waterproof IPX5 rated
  • 12 hr playtime w/ microphone


  • silicone flaps Can make ears sore.
  • Some tension/slack on the cable behind your neck


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These Bluetooth earbuds are sleek in design weighing only 15 grams. They fit into your ears ergonomically and give you smooth and better comfort with a 45-degree cord-to-earbud angle and enhance your focus on performance, not hardware. These are the lightest wireless in-ear headphones ever having sturdy and fitness-proof designs.

This design is pleasing to the eye and pretty light. You never want anything heavy sitting over the ears and this set of earphones won’t tire you out. 

They provide similar benefits to the traditional design but seemed to have a little more holding power and blocked more external sound while not affecting comfort.

Jlab epic 2 earbuds

Although the design doesn’t allow sweat in much, to begin with, the sweat had no effect on sound quality. Sweat also had minimal effect on the security of the earbuds during movement. A much-appreciated feature is a splashproof design.

If you want good sound quality and excellent bass performance headphones and you are low in budget, you must go for the below recommended headphones which are special for DJing.

Build and Quality

They are made of a kind of plastic and rubber mix giving them an IP x5 rating which means that you can clean them easily by putting them in running water. I have used them in water and dried them with a cloth which is pretty awesome as we cannot clean normal earbuds with your bacterial-infected sweat.

The cable is pretty long and it’ll sit around my neck but in case you wanted to shorten them up, they give you cable clips and you can make them shorter.


These earbuds are designed to go behind your ear and they are made of a kind of memory wire. So, we can shape it and form it exactly to the size of our own ear. So, we only have to do it once, and for the rest, you will not face any issues with its size adjustability.

flexible earbuds wire

The flat cord is a nice touch that keeps it from getting tangled, but at the same time, it can be a little tougher to wrangle than a round cord. There is very little cord noise.

When we first opened the case, we found that these earbuds come in 7 ear tips including an industry-first triple flange custom fit tip and a carry case that has a pouch inside used for keeping your USB cable.

jlab earbuds 2 eartips


BEST-IN-CLASS PLAYTIME With up to 12 hours of mind-blowing sound between charges, Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds power past the competition. Get a week’s worth of workouts, almost three marathons, or a round-trip flight from San Diego to New York. Talk about stamina. Plus, the battery indicator on your device will always keep you in the know.

Battery life: 5/5 (10-12 hours). This also depends on how loud you have the music on. The time is pretty accurate as commute 3.0 hrs each day to and from work and it lasted me almost the 4th day.

Long playback time (for Bluetooth earbuds), charged decently quickly, and holds a charge well overnight…nothing to complain about here. 

You can use them for a whole day which means that use them for an hour and take rest for an hour. You can charge these earbuds in just 4 hours from 0 to 100.

Sound Quality

I am an audiophile and these are the best earbuds I have ever heard but only IF you have the right fit with the tips for your ears. The sound of the EPICs to me is warm and full, the highs never sound too shrill, and the bass is outstanding for earbuds. 

These are not noise canceling but the seal is so good that when they are in my ears, I can barely make out what people around me are saying because it’s so muffled, even with no music playing.

I think it’s a small price to pay for the sound quality you get from these. The large tips felt weird to me at first, but they’re necessary to get the best seal and the best sound.

With C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology, you get a clear and crispy sound with vibrant highs and mids.

Its 8mm drivers are extra large and offer a high-quality bass with high performance.

simple jlab epic earbuds funtionalities

The Fit

You need a perfect fit with these wireless earbuds which is essential to get the best audio quality. I have used them for a long time and I witness that if you don’t find them feel fit in your ears, and if they are loose, you won’t get the right results and even their bass quality will be shallow for you.

There are 7 multiple rubber ear tips additional from which you can find the perfect one for you which will give you the best sound quality and good bass and they will not get loose from your ears.


So, its memory design gives you a stronger grip and the titanium over-ear hook allows you comfortably keep in your ears.

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Wireless Connectivity (Bluetooth)

The technology behind the wireless connection is Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX. You think of aptX as a secret sauce that allows almost CD-quality music to stream via Bluetooth. In addition to earbuds with aptX, you need a device that’s aptX capable.

You can’t use this with your iPhones as they are not aptX capable and this technology is Qualcomm owned and Apple doesn’t want to pay royalties to them.

An upgraded ceramic antenna is able to provide unsurpassed connectivity and reduces environmental detuning.

Jlab earbuds bag

Apple has removed the headphone jack from their phones which has a long story behind and they have tried to be courageous with this step. But, there have been quite many angles of the story which you may perceive thinking about the logic behind this brave move.

Read full article explaining Why did Apple Remove Headphones Jack

Beacon Signal Technology

The Epic tool uses an upgraded Bluetooth antenna called Beacon Signal Technology.

Don’t quite know, what it is. Suppose, to reduce environmental detuning. It reduces the amount of interference coming from the environment because it’s made of ceramics instead of metal. 

It’s a lot of technol battle but the bottom line is smoother playback of music with less interference.

Learn More About: What is Beacon Technology?

Waterproof Feature

The JLab Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds are 100 percent splash-proof, sweat-proof and washable with an IPX5 rating thanks to an ultra-sonic sealed battery compartment and plasma-coated microelectronics.

Sweat, blood, or water, there is no difference in their smooth working and you can enjoy endless music with your Epic earbuds. You can also clean them with water, unlike normal earbuds.


Jlab Epic 2 wireless earbuds have impressive audio quality and good battery life, as well as an appealing, compact, and secure design.

These headphones seemed ideal for workouts and you can enjoy rainy weather with your favorite music as they are fitness proof and waterproof.

Initially judging by the small size of the Epic2s, I was skeptical about how great the audio would be, but they are crystal-clear and capable of getting loud.

But there is not much bass. It is unfortunate that the cord and inline controller annoy me to the point where it distracts me from the great audio.

If you haven’t yet tried good but affordable wireless headphones with these many features, you should definitely go for it.

JLab Epic 2 Review

JLab – Epic2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Color: Teal | Grey & Blue
Rating: 3.5-3.7
Form Factor: In Ear


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