Make Headphones Louder

How to Make Headphones Louder

You have come from a hectic day at work and you are used to listening to music when you are tired which makes you relaxed and feel comfortable and throws away your tiredness. But, you observe that your headphones are not giving the maximum sound or the volume is set high but the headphones are not loud. 

There are some steps that you can follow to make headphones louder

  1. Clean your headphones
  2. Adjust the device’s settings
  3. Use Headphones Amplifier
  4. Turn up all the knobs
  5. Adjust EQ settings
  6. Select best headphones
  7. Connect to Bluetooth

Clean your headphones

You must clean your headphones periodically. Because, when you use them for a long time every day, dust and dirt particles can interrupt the sound from the headphones and long-time use of headphones create heat in the ear canal which eventually results in ear wax. Thus, the headphones’ outer layer is blocked due to the ear wax.

You can clean your headphones with a soft cloth and toothpick. You should make sure all the connections are accurate and there is no wire burnt or disconnected from the headphones.

Clean the ear tips with soapy water and then let them dry. It will help remove any ear wax. You can clean your earbuds with a dry toothbrush by simply rubbing them on the mesh of the earbuds. Now, you can wash them with a dampened cloth and afterward simply dry them.

Clean your headphones

Adjust the device’s settings

You must check your device’s sound settings. There may be some setting changes that we are not aware of and that is all causing our headphones not to produce a louder sound.

Android’s settings

If you are using your headphones with an android device, follow the steps below to adjust the setting:

  • Go to settings on your mobile
    Go to sound option
  • Now, you see different options, you must select media option.
  • Adjust it according to yourself.

You can play music and listen to it while adjusting the sound level and setting it accordingly.

iOS settings

If you are an iOS user, follow the steps mentioned below to adjust the sound settings.

  • Go to the sound on the mobile.
  • Now, go to the music option.
  • Select the playlist from there.
  • Now, you can adjust it accordingly.

You can play music while you are setting the sound on your device.

Adjust the device’s settings

Windows setting

You can follow the steps below to set the sound and music from the control panel.

  • First of all, go to control panel.
  • You will see Hardware and Sound here.
  • Now, you can select adjust system sounds.
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Use Headphones Amplifier

You might have used amplifiers in your room to make the sound of the music punchy and louder. Some people really like to listen to music at a louder sound level.

Power Amplifiers can also be paired with headphones to make the volume louder. They use the batteries to gain power.

There are amplifiers inside your mobile and tablet devices that are just made to reach the music and sound to you but they are not built to give you real music pleasure and louder sound. But with the use of power amplifiers with your headphones, you can make the louder.

Use Headphones Amplifier

Headphone Beast

Turn up all the knobs

There are some cases where we have seen that the music player, headphones, or earbuds volume are turned down but our device music is playing at high volume, despite all that we are not listening to the music at a louder level.

We must make sure that our headphones’ volume knob is turned up.

We may have seen some gaming apps which use their personalized setting and in some cases, they may impact overall device settings. We must ensure that there is no hindrance by the apps which are lowering the volume of the music and thus headphones are not giving louder volume.

Adjust EQ settings

If had you tried multiple ways to increase the volume of headphones but unfortunately, you have found nothing works in this way.

You can try using any third-party Equalizer app which will boost the volume of the headphones and work as a sound gainer between your device and headphones.

You may experience some of the apps which are available in the play store which help to increase the volume and add an extra layer of volume booster between the device and headphones.

Adjust EQ settings

For Android

You can download and use Volume Booster Pro, and Volume Booster Sound Equalizer which will increase the normal volume of your headphones from the device.

For iPhone

You can install and try Equalizer Pro Volume Booster and SonicMax Pro Music Volume Booster which will surely work to boost the headphones’ volume.

For Windows

You have the best options in the form of Equalizer Pro and Breakaway Audio Enhancer which will increase the volume of your device.

You must try these apps carefully as they are all “use at your own risk” and they can be so louder to damage your hearing.

Select best headphones

If you are getting too many noises from the background which are also hearable from the headphones when you listen to music, you should upgrade your headphones or earbuds if you use them.

You can try noise-canceling headphones which will work well to give your listening experience a boost and will block ambient noises thus increasing the headphone’s sound.

You must check other features in a headphone like Bluetooth connectivity which is not strong in some headphones and disconnect them from their connected device.

Connect to Bluetooth

One of the simplest methods to increase the volume of your device. You can attach a speaker with a Bluetooth connection to increase the volume. Speakers are an easy way to adjust the music sound level at your will and set them accordingly. You can play any music and then continuously make adjustments and settings and where you feel the sound level is good, you can stop there and enjoy a louder sound.


How to Make Headphones Louder? You can make headphones louder by trying volume booster apps or EQ volume boosters, Cleaning your headphones, and using headphones’ amplifiers.

There are many reasons which are causing your headphone not to be loud like there may be an outdated driver in your computer or there is some ear wax on the layer of the headphones.

We have tried many methods and observed many techniques and found some of the best approaches to make headphones louder. 

Some of them are as below:

  • Clean your headphones.
  • Try using some third-party volume booster apps.
  • Adjust the device’s settings.

I hope you have made your headphones loud by following our techniques. If you have any queries, you can comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Use Audio Enhancers software.
  • Increase volume by using any third-party EQ.
  • Use fx sound increaser.

You should adjust your sound in the settings of the devices, you are using. You should adjust your headphones volume by pressing both volume buttons and where you feel sound optimum, you can keep it.

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