No Sound On iPhone [Ultimate Solution]

No Sound On iPhone [Ultimate Solution]

iPhone no sound problem may appear in your iOS device as well and it results in the following issues which you may have to face

  • The volume bar is not appearing on your iPhones
  • Your iPhone speaker is not working
  • Your iPhone ringtone has stopped working
  • Without headphones or AirPods, you are not able to listen to any music.

These are all common problems that may appear in iPhones but in this article, you will be able to fix the ‘no sound on iPhone’ issue.

Test Your iPhone Speaker

Before doing any complicated or time taking method, you must check your iOS device speaker. Sometimes, there is an issue with your speaker only, and fixing it will solve all the issues. 

You may check your speaker by playing a song or any muti media, you must adjust the volume and set it high.

No Sound On iPhone [Ultimate Solution]

Test your Audio device

Make sure that your AirPods or other headphones have no issue with sound problems. You must check them by connecting your Audio device with other smartphones or other iOS devices. If they are working perfectly with them then you must go ahead in this article and implement other steps which we followed practically to resolve iPhone audio not working.

Through the Ring setting, you can do it by following the method below.

No Sound On iPhone [Ultimate Solution]
Audio Device Test
  1. Open the Settings app and select Sound & Haptics
  2. Move the volume slider a little bit and increase the volume.
  3. A sound will ring when the speaker is adjusted high. If you don’t listen to any sound, you should visit the repair center.

Unsilence Calls on Your iPhone (using Ring/silent switch)

In this method, We will use the ring/silent switch.

No Sound On iPhone [Ultimate Solution]
Ring/Silent Switch
  1. By pushing the mute switch towards the back of the screen, you are muting your iPhone.
  2. It will show orange light when it is muted.
  3. You must push it towards the screen to enable sound.
No Sound On iPhone [Ultimate Solution]
Unsilence Calls

Clean Your iPhone’s Speaker

You must check whether there is any dirt or debris stuck in your iPhone which has blocked the speaker sound way and caused ‘iPhone sound not working.’ 

Despite being water-resistant, you may face issues when water gets in there.

No Sound On iPhone [Ultimate Solution]
Clean iPhone

Simply cleaning your iPhone with a blower can fix the issue.

Check if Do Not Disturb Setting is on

Sometimes, due to being busy at our office, we turn on ‘Do not Disturb’ setting and forget to turn it off. You should check whether this setting s left on or not. If this is left on, you should change it.

You can do it by going to your iPhone settings and>Do Not Disturb.

Turn Off Focus Mode (Fix No Sound On iPhone)

This is the new feature introduced in Apple iPhone and has been quite interesting since we found it. It can give you an extra feature to more focus on your work. But, sometimes it may left turn on even after work which results in the changed behavior of the iPhone.

No Sound On iPhone [Ultimate Solution]
Turn off Focus

You must check it off.

  • You can find it by sliding down from the top of your iPhone.
  • You will see there a feature named ‘Focus.’
  • Anything other than that means the focus feature is turned on.
  • You should turn it off.

Remove Headphone Mode

Make sure that you have turned your iPhone on headphone mode. Because sometimes it can create problems like no volume on iPhone. You should disable it. You can also do it by plugging and unplugging your headphone.

You should also clean your headphones and just wipe out all the debris which, may block the listening sensors of the headphones.

Turn Off Bluetooth 

In some cases, people use Bluetooth headphones to hear all the phone calls or music and they leave them turned on. Due to the Bluetooth is turned on, You are not able to listen to anything. So, this is a human error and only turning off the Bluetooth will fix why is ‘volume not working on my iPhone.’

Turn on Background Sounds

You may choose from the six available sounds when the sound control is turned on. All ow the sounds to play while other music or sound is also playing.

Once you turn it turn, Background sounds will also play along with it. 

You can add Background Sounds to your Control Center to easily turn it on and off.

Resolve Bugs Issue

There may be some bugs or minor issues in the iPhone which may result in poor performance of the iPhone and may disable some of the features of the iPhone.

These bugs may be due to the un-updated firmware being installed on your iPhone. You must update the firmware to make things work normally.

Check Third-Part App Settings

In many cases, People just play with any third-party app settings. Most third-party apps have their separate control settings which also include sound settings.

Apps like Spotify, Alexa, Instagram, etc have some of those apps which have separate settings for controlling devices.

People may leave these settings turned on and these settings overlap with the mobile settings and disrupt the working performance of the iPhone.

Reset Your device Settings

You must reset your mobile settings if sadly, none of the above steps have worked for you in fixing no sound on your iPhone. 

No Sound On iPhone [Ultimate Solution]
Reset Settinngs

This method will not harm your data but We advise you to have a backup of all of your media and files.

  1. Open the settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Name Banner.
  3. This will show you the iCloud tab.
  4. Tap on the iCloud

Now, you have the Backup option available.

You can now save all of them in your iCloud.

Apple Support

If unfortunately, none of the above methods had worked for you, You would want to contact Apple Support.

But, You will be very much happy with the above methods and your issue will be fixed.


Why does my phone suddenly have no sound?

Make sure that Do Not Disturb isn’t enabled. To disable this setting, navigate to Settings and turn off the Do not disturb toggle.

How do I get my iPhone off of silent mode?

Move the Mute switch in a way that the switch does not have an orange background color. Pushing it towards you will turn off silent mode.

Why is no sound coming out of my speakers?

Examine the wires on the back of your speaker and make sure your speakers are plugged into the proper location.

Why does my iPhone go silent?

Select Sounds & Haptics (or Sounds for older iOS versions). Find the Ringer and Alerts section. Under the Ringer and Alerts section, toggle off the Change with Buttons.

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