ONN TWS earphones manual

ONN TWS earphones manual

ONN TWS earphones manual Model 100016495

First, make sure that you have everything mentioned below.

  1. Wireless earphones
  2. Charging case
  3. Type-C charging cable
  4. Quick Guide manual

If you want to pair Onn Wireless Earbuds, check out the following steps below:

  1. Onn Wireless/Bluetooth Pairing
  2. When you open the charging case, it will automatically go into pairing.
  3. Open the Bluetooth in your device from the settings
  4. Search for Onn TWS Earbuds
  5. Finally, pair the device with Earbuds
onn tws earphones manual
onn tws earphones manual

ONN Earbuds automatically connect/disconnect when they are turned on/off

  1. When you take off the charging case and turn it on, it will automatically connect to the last paired device.
  2. When you put them back in the charging case and power them off, they will automatically be turned off.

Onn Wireless/Bluetooth Earbuds Control

Both of the earbuds have ear detection sensors and they connect when put on ears and are turned off when taken off ears.

  1. For the previous Track: Tap Hold Left Earbuds
  2. For the next Track: Tap Hold Right Earbuds
  3. To activate Siri / Google Assistant: Two Tap Left Earbuds
  4. Play / Pause: Two Tap Right Earbuds
  5. To answer Call: Two Tap Left or Right Earbuds
  6. To hang Up: Two Tap Left or Right Earbuds
  7. To reject Call: Tap Hold Each Side
ONN TWS wireless earphones manual
ONN TWS wireless earphones

ONN TWS earphones manual

Top specs of ONN TWS earphones Model 100016495

  • Speaker Rated Input Power:3mW
  • Speaker Diameter:12mm
  • Speaker Impedance:320+15%
  • Sensitivity:97+4dB
  • Type-C Charging Cable:25cm

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ONN TWS earphones Model AAABLK100024300

The top Specs of the ONN TWS earphones Model AAABLK100024300 are as follows:

  • Model: AAABLK100024300
  • Speaker Diameter: 7mm
  • Speaker Impedance: 32 Q ±15%
  • Sensitivity: 96±3dB at 1KHz
  • Speaker Driver Rating Power: 2mW
  • Charging Cable: 23cm
  • 20 hours of total playtime (with charging case)L

First, make sure you get everything from the box mentioned below:

  • Earphones x1 pair
  • Charging case x1
  • Silicone ear tips x4 pairs (M size installed), foam tips x1 pair
  • USB-C charging cable x1
  • Quick Start Guide
  • First, put the Earphones in their case and let them charge. It is necessary for the initial activation.
  • Then open the earphones case, when the earphones will be powered on, they will automatically go into pairing mode.
onn tws wireless earbuds manual
onn tws wireless earbuds manual

When you put them back into the charging case and when they are powered off, they will automatically disconnect

Check the Charging Signal

When earphones are put into a charging case and then plugged into the power adapter, they flash red light.

When earphones are fully charged, they automatically turn on the white light.

People Also Ask

There will be vol+ and vol- buttons from which you can adjust your volume. When you have adjusted your volume, you can now connect it to your device to check whether the volume has been adjusted.

Onn Earbuds are very powerful and are very quick in charging time. They take only 1 Hour to get charged and have battery timing of up to 7 hours.

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