Philips SHP9500 Headphones Review

Philips SHP9500 Headphones Review

If you are budget conscious but want to purchase some high-quality headphones which are lightweight and give you a pure sound. Philips SHP9500 open-backed headphones are just a great value from the company. They are mostly built with plastic with a little metal being used in the headband and you may feel your ears being touched to the surface from inside the earcups as they are a bit shallow.

Philips SHP9500 Headphones Review

Philips SHP9500 Headphones Review

Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision
Stereo Headphones (Black)
Form Factor: Over-ear
Rating: 4.6

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Bottom Line

Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 Over-Ear Headphones come in gold plated connector finishing. Neodymium magnet is being used and for longer ear comfort, ear cushions are open and air passes to keep your ears cool.


  • 50 mm drivers deliver an efficient spectrum of sound.
  • 1.55mm cable provides freedom of movement for indoor purposes
  • It gives cinematic sound into a Comfortable double-layered headband cushion.
  • The price is much affordable.

Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 HiFi


  • It has decent bass, but muddy midrange, and poor highs.
  • The jack is too shallow to make the appropriate contacts.
  • Philips technical support is not good overall.

We have used these headphones personally as a casual audio gadget as it was not expensive and we have used them multiple times and for multiple purposes like gaming streaming and music listening purposes. The first interaction was awesome as they are so lightweight and seem comfortable when we have to use them for long hours and they didn’t cause any warmth to our ears because Philips has provided shallow, sport mesh ear cushions to keep our ears relaxed and ear cups are open-backed which cause air pass through the headphones avoiding generating any warmth inside.

Let’s consider and look over the different functionalities provided by Philips SHP9500 Headphones which our experts have observed, tested, cross verified by different Headphone Beast team members to experience and ensure that the audio quality and different specs provided by headphones are good enough to include them in our review system.

Features of Philips SHP9500 Headphones

1. Sound

There is a much authentic sound and they provide precise and minor sound details. Exquisite and over-the-ear headphones’ design helps to keep the sound wider. The 50mm neodymium drivers utilize high-power magnets to reproduce all your music’s dynamics and deliver well-balanced bass, transparent mid-range, and pristine high frequencies. So, you can get an idea that if you are a hard-beat lover, these are definitely for you but they are good enough to give you a powerful bass.

Engineered to fit the ear’s natural geometry, the ear shells offer precise and accurate sound. Audio signals are directly channeled into the ears, creating a dynamic and authentic listening experience.

The imaging, soundstage, and tuning have been used wonderfully which provide a high level of fidelity. We have tested these headphones and checked that they proved to be very useful in separating high and low sound frequencies which is quite a handy feature.

The sound quality has been satisfied while keeping the external environment quiet; if there is no noise outside, you will have a wonderful soothing sound. But, due to low impedance, you won’t be able to experience high sound volume. If you live in a noisy place or in a crowded traffic area where there is too much noise, that external noise will cause the original sound of the headphones disturb a bit due to sound leakage being the headphones are open-backed. They do leak sound 25% to 33%.

You should first analyze your utility and check whether you have to use them inside your room where you can’t control the sound leakage from the headphones and everyone in the room will be able to hear your music coming out from the headphones. You don’t need a separate amp with these headphones as there is sufficient bass.

Philips SHP9500 Headphones Review

2. Comfort and Design

They are widely designed headphones that are smooth in comfort and feel soft to the head which is attached to the headband or earcups. They are very lightweight and don’t cause any headache or headphone dent.

(i)Headphone Dent

Headphone dent is due to the high-weighted headphones which apply pressure on the head and cause a dent above the head.

(ii)Headphone Hair

Headphone hair is another issue with over-weighted headphones which cause hair to sit down and hard-stick to your head. But, Philips SHP 9500 with its low weight has saved us from this issue as well.


Many of us feel much headaches due to the longer use of headphones every day which is due to the bulky headphones causing pressure on the head. But, they are soft and smooth in design and comfortable avoiding headaches.

The headband is soft padded and there is a suspension given which enables the headphones to adjust and fit properly on the head. The ear padding is comfortable and wide enough to not feel much tightening to your ears.

Headphones are a little sleeker in design but the earcups being soft is not that good in build quality from the rest of the headphones.

But, you can believe that these are comfortable headphones and they can match the comfort level of Sennheiser and Sony headphones. Headphone padding looks soft but when you wear them, it may look harshing and scratching after longer use. But, they also have enabled you to change the pads accordingly which you can get for under $20.

Philips SHP9500 Headphones Review

The earcups are marked with large left and right letter symbols. One thing which you must avoid is wearing these headphones in public due to sound leakage. The plastic is not as nice or thick-feeling as the plastic on Sennheiser’s 500 series.

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3. Isolation

There is no isolation in these headphones which is due to their open-backed structural design. They are good for closed environments like rooms where there is not much noise and there is no external traffic bringing noise and mixing it with your headphones’ sound.

You must avoid them wearing in public areas where sound leakage can interrupt and outside people will be able to hear the music sound from your headphones. You can’t use them either for the studio purpose which requires a microphone and that will more probably catch the noise of the headphones due to sound leakage.

They are the best for home audio as officially stated by Philips.

4. Connectivity

A 3.55mm auxiliary headphone jack is provided with these headphones which is 1.5m long and you can easily connect with your PC without any issue. The cable is not very strong and it can break which you must care of and make it durable. Kinks in the wire take time to go. If you have to connect with a device that is a little far from the headphones, you can purchase a new cable of a suitable length.

5. Build Quality

An acoustic open-back architecture eradicates air pressure build-up behind the driver, giving the diaphragm greater freedom of movement. This greatly improves sound clearness and smooths extended high frequencies.

SHP9500 is fitted with a comfortable double-layered headband cushion that is soft and breathable for listening hours-on-end.

The headphones are mostly built with plastic and there is a little bit of texture of metal in the headband. They are open-backed in their structural design which allows ventilation and there is no chance of getting your ears any warmth.

Philips SHP9500 Headphone

They are strong enough that they won’t break easily but they are not made durable adequately. So, you must take special care of your headphones to keep away them from getting broken. We have not seen any cracks so far after using them for 60 days and they are performing well.

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6. Portability

Philips headphones are not portable and you cannot find any flexibility to fit them into your bag or pocket. So, if you are a travel lover and want to carry your headphones with you, these are not the best ones for you.

So, you must take special care in fitting them in your bag space and avoid forcing them to get fit to avoid any breakage or cracks.

7. Bass

If you are a hard bass lover, these headphones are truly not for you. There is a very light amount of sub-bass but we have analyzed and suggested that you cannot compare them with any high-quality bass-boosted headphones which provide a thumpy bass.

8. Mid-Range & Treble

The vocals are really balanced and you can’t feel any shout in the music. You cannot find any replacement for any classic music or track that these headphones provide with authenticity.

These are rather sibilant headphones, you most likely won’t care if you are already acquainted with treble-heavy headphones. You will most likely care if you like warmer, more comfortable experiences, so beware of that.

Philips SHP9500



We purchased them at a low price almost $70 and we have tested every feature of the Philips SHP9500.

We have found a good pair of headphones which are very low weight and come up with soft headband padding and they are very comfortable.
If you have to use them casually or for gaming purposes, you have picked the best headphones.
They are not good for high bass lovers and they are not portable which means you cannot take them while traveling as they are not much flexible.

I hope that you have liked the review and if you have any comments, don’t hesitate to comment below.

People Also Ask

They are good, lightweight, and quite comfortable headphones. You can use them for casual use but they are not good for the outside due to sound leakage.

They are good for mixing purpose as the external sound coming in from outside headphones allow you to listen to the external sound as well.

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