Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods

Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods[A Detailed Comparison]

Wireless earbuds have become very important as they are small and don’t create stuffy wires mess. People belonging to any field of life from listening to gaming and people of every age group have made it a necessity of their daily routine. Apple AirPods are the top-quality wireless earbuds that have gained and maintained their status from the beginning of their launch but are also high in price which is why some people compromise over price.

We have picked Raycon earbuds in comparison to AirPods because they are punchy in sound and have loud bass. But, AirPods don’t isolate the sound which is why you don’t experience high volume in AirPods. It also depends on their specific usage because people use wireless earbuds on a bus for traveling or for a morning walk or for working out in the gym. So, the type of usage also affects the selection of earbuds.

Apple AirPods are known for their comfort level. Apple shocked people with their firstly designed wireless earbuds in 2016. They had become people’s first choice when it comes to the selection of wireless earbuds. So, you don’t have to mess with wires tangling around. Raycon earbuds came into the market in 2017 when Apple AirPod’s first generation was in the demand. But, they also offered some new specs and features which made Raycon become popular among people.

There are a few bases and comparison features that we are going to explain and they will surely help you to decide the winner and buy your next wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality

Apple AirPods

The sound quality in AirPods in every generation is up to the mark and there is no doubt that you cannot tell the difference in sound quality in comparison to Raycon earbuds.
But, the sound is a little bright and you cannot experience a punchy and high bass in AirPods. Vocals are very rich but not any special difference between mid and high end

You cannot attach them with any third-party software like Equalizers which may claim to increase the sound but Apple has disavowed them to avoid any harm to their products. You can also experience different sound stages which totally depends on how they fit into your ears.

  • Apple AirPods are made in premium build quality.
  • The sound is well balanced, neither too bassy nor too low.
  • No, Third-party EQ compatibility.
  • The sound doesn’t really seem to come across all directions.

Raycon Earbuds

If you are music passionate and love the high bass sound, you must opt for Raycon earbuds without any doubt. When you own Raycon, you don’t need to take tensions for the low frequencies as they can give you punchy sound which keeps you energetic and passionate like in a morning walk or in jogging.

You experience high volume which keeps you motivated in the gym. They are good to give you the boomy sound but that is not very clear in minor details.

  • Overall, the audio quality is good and they are very promising to offer extra boomy sound.
  • In-ear headphones are not the best in terms of comfort
  • Due to high bass, you cannot observe mid and high frequencies and they match with each other.
  • If you want balanced sound, AirPods does the job pretty well in this case.

Apple AirPods are very easy to set up. There is not any complex work required and you can listen to your favorite music right after having them. You can easily connect with your iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV.
You can connect two different AirPods with the same Apple device and listen to the same track which will be playing on both AirPods pairs and you can control each separately. Just bring them close to your Apple device and connect with a tap.

Raycon Earbuds and AirPods


Apple AirPods

Mostly, people have been satisfied with Apple AirPods’ lifespan and durability. They can give ultimate performance to their users for up to 2 years which is quite a handy time period. But, you should be very careful in using them. Because, if you travel a lot and use your AirPods while traveling, you must be worried about the debris and dust particles that may block your listening.

Apple provides its users with a 1-year technical warranty against manufacturing defects. You must keep them safe in their case to avoid theft and keep them away from dust.

Raycon Earbuds

Raycon wireless earbuds have a good lifespan and they can sustain up to 2 years which defines the ultimate durability of Raycon earbuds.
It all depends on how they are used and for what purpose they are being used. If someone is music passionate and listens to music every day it brings dust that sticks around earbuds. It ultimately reduces the efficiency of their working performance.

Raycon all earbuds models provide a warranty of 1 year to its users. Raycon e55 also gives a limited warranty of 1 year which is similar to AirPods.

Raycon Earbuds are being tested for ear scans and fit studies. They have been thoroughly tested for overall fit and gathered various tactile coating which results in a proper fit size for almost every size of ears comfortably. Both wireless earbuds fit better in the ears but AirPods feel a little bit more comfortable in the ears as felt by many users.
AirPods have a playtime of almost 5 hours. Raycon Earbuds have a playtime of almost 6 hours which is 1 hour more than Apple AirPods.

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Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods come in a white case and white earbuds inside. AirPods case is very smooth and doesn’t require a hard pull to open it. AirPods and their case are very attractive and stylish.
AirPods Pro is a little sleeker. AirPods come in 3 different ear tip sizes.

Apple AirPods come in both wired and wireless charging.

Raycon Earbuds

Raycon e25 earbuds come in many colors like rose gold, electric blue, and flare red and they have magnet functionality to open and close their case lid. Raycon earbuds come in five tip sizes which have solved many problems related to the size of ears.

Raycon earbuds only offer wireless charging.

Raycon earbuds are easy to use and they are immediately ready to pair when they are removed from the capsule/case. Raycon earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth devices and they have no wireless connectivity issue as long as the device has no Bluetooth issue.
Apple AirPods come with Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. They are water and sweat-resistant. They offer active noise cancelation.

comparison of raycon earbuds and airpods


Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are open-backed designs which technically means that they are open to outside noises. They cannot isolate the sound which also allows you to listen to the external voice and it is good for people who also want to keep an eye on what’s going on around them.
They are charged fully easily in half an hour and they provide a 5-hour playtime. But, they are not suitable for long traveling.

Raycon Earbuds

Raycon earbuds come in a very compact design which makes them easy to carry for long-route traveling.

You must charge them before use because you may face issues in a pairing when they are not enough charged. If their case is not charging, you may try some fixes which will surely resolve the issue and proper charging provides a good long commute of almost 6 hours.

Both wireless earbuds connect easily with any device. Apple AirPods are compatible with iOS-supportive devices. But, Raycon earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. AirPods provide active noise cancelation(ANC) and transparency mode.

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Noise Cancellation

Apple AirPods

AirPods and Raycon e25 both have no active noise cancelation. But, they do offer noise cancelation which is way better in Apple AirPods.

Apple AirPods do offer active noise cancelation which means that they isolate the sound coming from the device. They become resistant to external noises and you get clear and minor details of incoming voice. So, Apple AirPods are prioritized in ANC.

Raycon Earbuds

Raycon earbuds don’t provide active noise cancelation which prevents any blockage of outside noises and allow external sounds to come in and disturb minor sound details.

Apple AirPods in this case leaves behind Raycon earbuds. Raycon allows sound to come through and you can listen to outside traffic noise while jogging or listen to the outside conversation.

AirPods have ear sensors that allow them to pause automatically right after when they are pulled out of the ears. Raycon earbuds have a side button that is hard to press and may hurt your ears. Apple AirPods leave a little sound when they are pulled out of their case but Raycon earbuds say ‘Raycon’ when they are pulled out of the case.

Connectivity is very simple in Raycon earbuds, there is a button that you have to press 4 times and they will be ready to connect. But, AirPods are automatically connected when they are pulled out of their case and they are disconnected when they are kept back inside their case.

Battery Life

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods have a battery life of about 5 hours and they offer up to 24 hours with the case.

You will experience different listening time periods with AirPods and AirPods Pro. But, you must charge them within 20% and 80% of battery which increases the efficiency of the batteries and you enjoy a long listening period.

Raycon Earbuds

Raycon Earbuds have a long extended battery life and they also offer a good battery lifespan despite having no active noise cancelation. The case has a USB-C port which allows them to charge faster. Earbuds with the case have 36 hours long battery life.

Usually, its case can charge earbuds for about 3 cycles.

Raycon earbuds and Apple AirPods both have simple touch functionalities and they both are played, paused, and answered to any of your phone call by a mere touch.

Raycon earbuds are water resistant and they are equally suitable for jogging, working out, and light showers. But, Apple AirPods are not water resistant and they are not suitable for jogging and sweating work.

Both AirPods and Raycon Earbuds have microphones. Sound quality is observed a little bit more improved in Apple AirPods. Raycon claims to have CVC (Clear Voice Capture), but users found it not very useful.

Now, there are many differences in various aspects of both wireless earbuds, and no doubt, Apple AirPods have provided top-notch quality. But, Raycon Earbuds are also good in many aspects and they have grounded themselves almost equal to AirPods. So, we can ignore minor differences keeping in mind the prices of both earbuds. Apple AirPods are expensive products but Raycon is much more affordable despite they have provided many features which is why they are in comparison with AirPods.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods 3rd Generation
All-new with Spatial Audio

Apple 3rd generation AirPods

Raycon Earbuds E25

The Everyday Earbuds
E25 True Wireless Earbuds

Raycon E25 True Wireless Earbuds


We have given you a detailed comparison of Raycon Earbuds vs AirPods. We have mentioned every aspect and feature of both wireless earbuds. They both have maintained their quality up to the mark. Now, if we have to leave it to you to decide which one to select from both, it would be quite difficult for you. Definitely, Raycon earbuds are much more affordable but if you are brand conscious and want to go with Apple AirPods, you have opted for the best. But, in the case of Raycon, we have seen that e55 and e25 earbuds are top of the line.
I hope that you have enjoyed the article and if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to comment below.

People Also Ask

If you have to use them for your daily routine, you can buy Raycon for an affordable price but the sound quality isn’t that good and they don’t offer Active Noise Cancelation.

Yes! they do worth the money as the features and specs provide by Raycon at an affordable price are something really amazing.

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