Sony MDR V55 Review

Sony MDR V55 Review-Budget Friendly DJs Headphones

Sony MDR V55 headphones are one of the most attractive headphones which are pretty good in sound quality and have low weight which makes them comfortable and easy to wear. They have remained very useful for studio purposes and DJs love to wear them for mixing work. They are more inclined towards bass and bass extension is extremely powerful.
Let’s have a brief look at the features, price description, and some advantages, and disadvantages of Sony MDR V55 headphones.

Sony MDR V55 Review

Sony MDR v55 Headphones

Sony MDRV55 Red Extra Bass & DJ Headphones MDR-V55 MDR

Color: Black
Rating: 4.3
Form Factor: On Ear
Connectivity Technology: Wired

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Bottom Line

Sony MDRV55 Red DJ Headphones are very affordable and the best for Djing purposes.
Love Bass, Buy them quickly!


  • Decent in design and in Overall Look.
  • Durable and Lightweight.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Good Sound and Bass quality, best for Djing and mixing.


  • Lack of ambient noise feature.
  • Not very comfortable. (particularly for extended wear)
  • Fixed cable and have a short length.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Headphones/Buying Guide

Buying headphones is not as easy as it looks for someone who has not purchased them before and now they want them for their specific purposes like DJing, gaming, or streaming, or they need them casually.

But, there are certain things that keep worth before you opt for certain pair of headphones.

  • There are many headphones available in the market at low prices but do they really serve the basic requirement of sound quality?
  • Headphones come in open-backed and close-backed designs which change their working functionalities which you must consider and check.
  • Headphones may have flexible headbands which are good to change their size and adjust as you wish.
  • Different headphones have different levels of comfort which must be considered before buying.

These are some of the factors which you may consider before buying. We have included Sony MDR V55 headphones for review purposes whose specs and features are as follows.


Price is one of the factors, you should look for professional headphones. When you consider the price, make sure that you don’t compromise quality which must be your top priority. Some headphones are really don’t worthy but they are super expensive.

Sony MDR V55 is considered professional headphones which DJs love to use and people guess its price must be high by testing its audio quality. We also were shocked by checking the sound quality of the headphones on my favorite song. You can avail of these headphones for under $100. We have found these headphones one of the fewest with top-notch professional sound and bass and they have tough competition with the Audio Technica ATH-Pro500Mk2 which will cost you more than double the price of the Sony MDR V55. quality while they are cheaper too.

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Design and Comfort

Its headband is covered with a rubber material which is obviously meant to help you reduce your efforts to adjust headphones again and again. But, we had seen that this has allowed the headphones to stretch more than necessary in certain situations which may cause some discomfort. There is large padding on the headband which helps to reduce the press of the headphones and ultimately there is a little pressure on the head which we observed and felt.

The headphones wire is the delicate part of the headphones and requires special care to save them from getting broken. But, these headphone has a flat cable/wire which does not break easily, it is tangled free and the cable is non-detachable. Because mostly tiny wires are tanged easily and your little pull can break them. But, the Sony MDR V55 model has saved us from both issues. Wire length is reasonably long and approximately 1.2 meters which is good to connect them with your device at some distance.

There is an angled audio jack of 3.55mm which is a universal audio jack and can easily be attached to any of your standard devices.

These headphones are closed-backed which can cause heat if you wear them for a long time. They have a pretty sizeable structural design but despite their being on-ear headphones and rest on the ears and may cause pain to your ears in the longer run. The headphones’ earcups are able to fold up and it becomes very compact but be careful about there being loose.

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There are no accessories in the box that can facilitate you more like there is no microphone attached to the cord or there is no Play/Pause button which could be a bonus feature for mobile owners to save their time and effort from putting your phone whenever there is a call.

Sound Quality

Sound quality has been extremely good even though they are not enough capable of providing balanced sound and finding low frequencies. But, we have observed an extremely high bass and it was really booming on particular types of songs like “Above and Beyond“, and Bassnectar Hysteria” Muse.
Being cheaper headphones, they come up in 40 mm neodymium dynamic sound drivers to provide perfect sound. So, it is good for people who like to listen to some instrumental songs rather than those Vocals forwards music like Sarah Brightman.

We have observed some little forward midrange which may not be noticeable for everyone and it can easily be ignored with a high volume sound. They are more clear and provide you with the sound with minor details. It has a more refined and clear voice if we examine it in the case of female singing and it looks a lot more energetic.

Sony mdr v55 headphones Design and Comfort

We found the Isolation is not really good because they lack ambient noise feature but you can ignore this insufficiency in front of the specs, it is providing. If you are a person who likes to listen to music at gatherings and you don’t want to disturb people around you, you probably shouldn’t want to buy it. Because we observed much sound leakage in these headphones. Soundstage is not the best and you can’t actually determine the distance from where the sound is coming. But it is better than many other headphones’ soundstage.

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Build Quality and Durability

Sony has never compromised over the durability standards which we have also observed while using and testing them.

The plastic has been used in the hinge parts and it has surrounded the overall earcups but they are enough durable. The metallic headband has been given the texture of rubber material which just enhances its durability. But, earcups must be covered with standard comfort-enahncing material and Sony has used plastic leather which hurts my ears whenever I wear them for a long time and there is a need for improvement.

They don’t come up with a special carry case which I feel a lot when moving around with my headphones. But, Yeah! Awesome sound quality under $100 is something really exciting and its bass quality has won my younger brother’s heart as he loves Bass boosted songs much.

Sony mdr v55 headphones ear cups padding

Frequency Range

The overall frequency range is well balanced and can have frequencies up to 25000 Hz. You may find some drop in the frequency but definitely, the extreme bass produced by the 40mm neodymium driver unit can overlap.

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Sony MDRV55 Red
Extra Bass & DJ Headphones

Color: Black
Rating: 4.3
Form Factor: On Ear

Sony headphones for DJs

Final Thoughts

Sony MDR V55 headphones are budget friendly yet come with brilliant qualities. They have been made excellent in design and their overall look is so decent. They are the best for DJs and for those people who are bass lovers and tremendous sound is their priority while listening to their favorite music.

There is a headband extension that is useful to adjust according to the size of the head and soft padding around ear cups which is not very comfortable as it’s a bit thin in material and may hurt you in the longer run. Sound quality is quite brilliant and they have kept every technical feature like Mids and Treble balanced, giving you the minor details of different musical sounds. 

So, Sony has given us a masterpiece with extraordinary bass and sound quality is fairly a cheaper price.

I hope that you are now well aware of the different specs of the headphones and you found our review a great informational piece. If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to comment below.

People Also Ask

Noise cancellation is not very good in Sony MDR V55 headphones. It has less ability to block external noise. Generally, the outside is blocked by the headphones which are large in size. They are on-ear headphones and don’t cover the ears much with their limited size which also causes sound leakage from the headphones and people around you are able to listen to you

Sony MDR V55 headphones have a wired connection and they have only the cable which is also non-detachable and there is no possibility of a wireless Bluetooth connection.

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