Things To Do While Listening To A Podcast

15 Things To Do While Listening To A Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to learn, implement and observe new things which are beneficial in terms of finance and education or we can also listen to podcasts that improve our spiritual health and helps us to recognize ourselves.

There are multiple things to do while listening to a podcast that can be multitasked along with the podcast. If you do have not much time to read a book or watch your favorite seasons or web series, you can always listen to various podcasts which won’t take your extra time but can be managed while you do perform your other tasks. You can listen to different podcasts like fictional stories, fashion, and financial motivational stories. 

Podcasts allow you to multitask different things while you are listening to your favorite podcast. You can learn many new things and improve your well-being but you should carefully select things that you should do while listening to a podcast.

15 Things To Do While Listening To A Podcast

Have a walk

You can have a wonderful walk in the morning and you can also listen to your favorite podcast while you are walking or exercising. You can also pick your dog with you to go for the morning walk. If you are fond of going for a long walk or adventure, you can enjoy listening to a podcast that will increase your energy level instead of being tired.

Have a walk while podcasting

Solve Puzzle

If you are solving a long puzzle of 500 or 100 pieces, you have to spend a lot of time completing this long game. So, you must think of having this utilized in a more efficient way. You can listen to a podcast that doesn’t require you to give much attention but they relax your mind and you learn so many things which help you in your practical life.

Your time will be spent quickie but more importantly, it will be your quality time which you will enjoy and make productive.

Solve Puzzle while podcasting

Hit the Gym

You can listen to podcasts while you are exercising especially when you are hitting the gym. You may have seen that there is powerful music running in the gym which has an obvious cause and that is to make you motivated all time and keep you energetic.

You can listen to some powerful and motivating podcasts while you are exercising. 

Hit the Gym while podcasting

You may listen to “Muhammad Ali” super motivational podcasts which will make you stronger and endurer. You can also listen to educational podcasts which you can memorize more easily. Because your body and brain are in cooperation at this time and it will improve your brain memory.

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Handle Laundry

Ordinary daily routine works are so boring and they seem to be never-ending. You have to complete them every day. If your mind is occupied somewhere else, you can better do it while listening to a podcast. Podcasts will help you to give your hearty pleasure and your brain will help you to do the household chores. So, by listening to the podcast, you are actually spending your time for the good meanwhile your household chores are also completed.

Handle Laundry while podcasting

Practice Yoga

Yoga falls under the category of exercising and strengthing yourself. You can practice yoga and also listen to podcasts. It will increase your mental power and boost your spiritual strength. Listening to a podcast while you are practicing yoga allows you to increase your focus and improve your spiritual and physical health.

Practice Yoga while podcasting

Organize your memories/files

If you are a person who wants to live in memories or wants to organize things, you can practice this work while he is listening to a podcast. If he is organizing some files or old photos, it can take much of your time while organizing things. If there are digital files like you have to gather the office work files or your pictures on your computer, you can also multitask it with some wonderful thing. He must not waste his time doing all this simple work. If he is organizing his memories, he can listen to his old favorite music or a memorial podcast. You don’t need to give extra time to listen to podcasts, it can be multitasked with your daily routine work.

Organize your memories while podcasting

Clean utensils

When you finish your food, cooking is the most boring and taking household chore which you have to perform every day. You may listen to your favorite podcast while cleaning utensils. You will experience your time passing quickly and when you finish your podcast, your utensil cleaning work will be done hopefully.

Clean utensils while podcasting

Home hair remedies

You can try different homemade remedies like you can make a hair mask when you are free. But these remiss will take much time and you don’t have applied them to yourself yet. You can listen to some podcasts which can help you guide you on what kind of treatment will be better for your hair or skin.

Home hair remedies while podcasting
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Cook meal

One of the most time taking tasks that requires your physical involvement. Some people really love cooking, but you can also listen to a podcast while you are making your favorite dish. You can also listen to some food podcasts, it will increase your interest. You won’t feel fatigued.

Cook meal while podcasting

Declutter the house

If your house is too cluttered with stuff like books, clothes or utensils, etc, you should declutter your house periodically. For people who like to clean their homes and want to organize all things, decluttering is the most suitable activity for them. You can also listen to podcasts while you are decluttering your house. It will help you mentally and will keep you energetic all along. You won’t spend any extra time listening to a podcast with completing your other tasks.

Declutter the house while podcasting


One of the most interesting things which you can interestingly do and you will be doing all that with only your hands. So, you must listen to a podcast that does not require your extra time. There are many podcasts that you can listen and they are rich in strengthening your inner power and empowering your mental health while you are gardening.

Gardening while podcasting


When you come from a hectic day at work, you need relaxation and some healthy activity in which you don’t have to put effort. You can listen to the podcast which doesn’t require your physical involvement or your extra time. You just play your favorite podcast while relaxing. It will relieve your tiredness and make you feel energetic.

Relaxing while podcasting

Have a coffee

You can enjoy your favorite coffee while you are listening to a podcast. It makes you feel calm and listening to some learning podcast will memorize quickly while taking coffee.

Have a coffee while podcasting

Fall asleep

When you are listening to some soothing and calm podcast. It will fall you asleep. It means that your brain was occupied by the smooth sound of podcasts which calmed your brain and made you fall asleep.

Fall asleep while podcasting

Take a bath

This is one of the healthiest, most relaxing, and brain-boosting things. When you listen to a podcast while you are taking a bath, it just relaxes you and gives your mind an inner breakthrough that refreshes your body through all. It will relieve your stress and wipe out all the tension, making you feel relaxed.

Take a bath while podcasting


15 Things To Do While Listening To A Podcast!

You can pick your favorite activity according to your need and you can enjoy listening to podcasts. If you want to be more, productive, want to relax your mind, or want to learn some new things, you can enjoy listening to podcasts and pick any one of the above categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tell lots of stories
  • Keep the audience engaged
  • Ask questions and make them curious

When there are too many ads or so much irrelevant topic discussion, the audience dislikes and then leaves the podcast.

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