Water In Headphone Jack Android

Water In Headphone Jack Android[Effects & Solutions]

If you have fallen your smartphone into the water, you might be worried about any damage which may occur to your phone.

It can leave a headphone sign on the display screen. If there is much water in the jack of the headphone and it has gone into your mobile, its software may be damaged.

Smartphones were built with a 3.5mm headphone jack which was very effective in reducing and avoiding minor issues which could cause any damage to the mobile software.

To solve the issue, you can try some drying methods which can dry your phone internally, or you can use some drying/absorbing materials.

Can A Water-Damaged Phone Be Fixed?

There is a headphone jack or the charging port through which water can go inside the mobile. As soon as you notice this issue with your mobile, you can try different methods and get water out of your mobile. Even if the water has been damaged slightly to your mobile’s software, it can be made fine by implementing some of the tips.

Yes! Water-damaged phones can be fixed. You just have to be very quick in deciding what you are going to do with your smartphone. But, if the water gets delayed coming out, you may face harsh consequences or may damage your smartphone.

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What Will Happen If There Is Water Stuck In Headphone Jack?

Electronic devices are always kept away from moisture. Because it harms the devices and their electrical circuits. If the water gets in touch with the internal electric boards of your smartphone, mobile phones can be damaged through the short circuit in their internal tiny electrical boards.

can a Water-Damaged Phone be fixed

Things to Do First Before Getting Water Out From the Headphone Jack?

You must assess the damage before implementing any tips. If your phone has minor water touches on the surface of the mobile or has slightly touched the headphone jack, you don’t need to worry as it not will harm your mobile software. It is easier to repair any splash damage.

1. Take the Phone Out from the Water

If your phone was submerged in the water, then the first thing which you should immediately apply is to take the phone out of the water. If it remains in the water for a very long time then there are high chances that your phone’s software may get damaged. You should plug out its charger immediately if it is in charging mode. 

2. Switch Off the Phone Immediately

When you have taken your phone out of the water, the next thing which you should immediately implement is to switch off your phone. It will reduce the chances of battery damage as it is not functional at that time. So, there are very minimal chances of battery damage due to a short circuit caused by water contact with electrical boards.

How To Fix Water-Damaged Phones?

When you have switched off your smartphone, now you can go ahead to the next step and can dry your phone in simple steps guided in detail below.

1. Wipe off all the moisture

You should remove all of the water drops from the headphone jack and you should leave your mobile to let it dry. You can use any cotton wipe to remove the moisture and it will get dried after some time.

Wipe off all the moisture from phone

2. Use moisture-absorbing materials

If you still see any headphone sign on your mobile screen indicating that there is water inside your mobile, You can use some moisture-absorbing material like rice, silica gel, Microfiber cloth, and a Vacuum bag.

i) Rice

There are many recommendations to draw water out of the phone and rice is one of the most efficient moisture-absorbing materials. But, few people also say that the process to absorb any moisture from the phone may also add starch and dust to the phone and the headphone jack.

First of all, pour some rice into the bowl and keep your mobile in this bowl. Make sure that you cover all the sides of the mobile with rice. Now, leave the bowl for a day or two. It will be getting dried.

moisture-absorbing materials dry mobile

If you want to try some other safe method for the drying process, you may use a fan and keep your mobile in front of the fan air. It will be safe as compared to rice and avoid any dust entering your mobile.

ii) Silica Gel

Silica gel is available in every medical store and you may find it at your home in sealed packages. Silica gel is very important in the drying process whenever your mobile is damped in water and this gel can dry your mobile in a very efficient way. You just have to cover your mobile with silica gel and it will dry your mobile itself.

moisture-absorbing materials silica gel to dry mobile

iii) Microfiber cloth

You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any moisture and dry your mobile. This cloth usually comes with your smartphone or camera. It absorbs the moisture cleanly and works like a towel.

Microfiber cloth to dry mobile

iv) Vacuum bag

Vacuum bags are the most effective alternative to a microfiber cloth or silica gel. If somehow, you are unable to find these two things, you can use a vacuum bag to dry out any moisture in the mobile.

You just have to place your mobile in front of it and it will dry it completely and draw a maximum percentage of moisture.

Vacuum bag to dry mobile

v) Compressed Air Office Duster

  • Take Compressed Air Office duster which is used to clean the keyboard.
  • Insert it into the headphone jack of your mobile.
  • It will blow out and remove all the water out from your phone.
compressed air duster

3. Plug in a headphone jack

If you have any spare headphone pin, you can insert it into your mobile’s headphone jack and pull it back. You just have to repeat the process multiple times. It will cause the moisture to stick to it. When you pull the pin out of the phone, just clean it with a dry cloth to make sure that moisture does not go inside again.

You can also do it by removing your mobile phone’s panel. It will cause the moisture to dry out quickly. But, it is a bit risky thing. Only mobile repairing persons can do it without any hesitation. Now, let the phone dry and keep it in a safe place where not everyone has access to it easily. So that no one can touch it when it is not dried.

4. Remove Dirt From Headphone Port

There is a chip connected to the headphone jack of the mobile. It connects the headphone’s pin with your mobile. If there is any dust particle stranded in the jack, it might block the connection of the headphone.

You can use an ear stick to remove the dust or you can simply use the blower to remove the dust particles. It will clean your headphone jack area and make the connection.

5. Search for Service Center

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above, you can look for a service center. Because now you have applied every legitimate method to overcome the situation but nothing has worked in your way. Now, you must seek professionals and you can contact your mobile phone company’s service support and hope for a good recovery of your mobile.

Precautions For Android Headphone Jack Damage

1. Never use any heater

It may be a good option to dry out water from your phone with heat which evaporates it quickly. But, it may leave some harsh impacts on your mobile which may result in the melting of your mobile chip inside and it may break some connections inside of your phone. So you should never use any heater to dry out the water.

2. Never connect your phone with a charger when it is open

When there is water inside your mobile phone, do not try to connect it to the charger. Electricity will flow through it and it may give a spark to your mobile which may result in damage to your mobile electric chip.

What To Do If It Is Salt Water Or Ocean Water?

If the slaty water goes into your mobile, it may harm your mobile electronics which may damage the mobile software.

You can follow some steps to get out of it.

  • First, take a ziplock bag and fill it with purified water and place your mobile inside.
  • Now, add some backing soda which will help to disallow any connection due to the salt and will save the electronic chip of your mobile from getting any spark.
What To Do If It Is Salt Water Or Ocean Water?

How to Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android

Sometimes, your mobile phone shows a headphone sign on the screen even when it is not in contact with water and there is no headphone attached to it.

This is a very panicky situation. Because no media plays and gives sound out of the phone when you disconnect your headphone. When you plug in the headphones again, you listen to music sounds. You cannot even talk on call without headphones attached. The headphones sign on the screen indicates that the headphones are attached and signals this to your mobile.

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If you are stuck in headphone mode, you can try some fixes which will help you solve the issue.

1. Remove your headphones from the phone

First of all, plug in your headphone on the mobile and unplug them back again. It makes the phone think as if headphones are disconnected.

  • Now, plug in your headphone again on your mobile.
  • Simply, rotate the headphones’ pin through the port.
  • Now, you can remove the pin from the headphone jack.
  • You have to remove all the dust from the headphone jack with the blower or by using a Q-tip
How to Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android

2. Restart your Android phone

Restarting the phone solves many problems multiple times. It is just because, your mobile’s software gets refreshed and works smoothly.

  • Turn off your phone by simply pressing and holding the power button.
  • Now, You can wait for a few seconds.
  • Restart it back by pressing and holding the power button

Now, you can try some music and listen to it whether the sound is coming and the headphone sign has disappeared or not.

3. Perform a Soft Reset

If you have tried the above methods and unfortunately, you are unable to get your phone out from the headphone mode, you can perform a simple soft reset with your mobile. It will help the mobile to regain its default settings and will refresh the mobile completely to disallow apps and form any harmful consequences.

  • First of all, go to your mobile’s settings.
  • Now, you can locate your general settings on the mobile.
  • Tap on Reset on your mobile.
  • Reset all settings from the mobile.
Perform a Soft Reset

It will not delete your data, photos, or any important documents. But, it will reset all the external settings or sign in to your mobile which makes your phone safe from any outside harmful impacts.

4. Use Third-Party Android Software

Android has given the option and facility to its android users to Root their smartphones. It basically allows the user to get into developer mode and gain access to the mobile settings controls which makes it easier to adjust the setting according to you. You can simply turn off the headphone mode by changing its settings. Some of the popular Android Software for Root is MacroDroid, Tasker, Migrate

5. Match Stick & cotton

Sometimes, the headphone sign is due to the misconception the phone and when you pull out your headphones, your mobile doesn’t give you sound and still thinks that the headphones are attached which may be due to any debris causing the connection to be alive.
Now, take a match stick and wrap cotton on the tip. Insert the stick into the headphones jack and swirl it. Make sure that you clean it completely. I hope so this will resolve your issue.

6. Do a Factory Reset

Finally, when you have implemented all the above-listed methods to remove the headphone sign from the mobile but unfortunately, your mobile has made it a hard issue to recover. Now, you can go to the final method which is a factory reset.

It is not simply a reset but it is a hard reset that removes all of your data from your mobile and deletes it forever. You must perform a backup process for all of your data and save it at some external place like on your computer or on a USB.

Do a Factory Reset
  • Go to settings from your mobile.
  • Now, go to General management.
  • Go to the Reset option from general management.
  • Click on Factory Reset.
  • Now, you can Click Reset.
  • It will delete all of your data files and your signed-in accounts.

Make sure that you have enough battery on your mobile. It will take a few minutes. It will remove all of your data and your mobile will work like a brand-new phone.


We have made a detailed guide to fix if there is water in the headphone jack android. 

You should remove any moisture from the phone. You should remove your mobile from the charger if it is plugged in. You can use moisture-absorbing materials like rice or silica gel.

We have also mentioned some fixes if your mobile phone is stuck in headphone mode.

You can reset your mobile, use any third-party apps, and clean your headphone jack to overcome this issue.

I hope your query has been resolved. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the mud gets dried in the headphone jack, you can pick it out with some pin puller or you can also use a wet cotton swab to draw back immediately.

There may be some connection issue with your device. You must check your connected devices from the Bluetooth option and check if any device is already connected to it. If there are already connected devices with your Bluetooth, you should unpair all connected devices. Now, plug in your headphones and check wether it works.

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