Why Are My Headphones So Quiet

Why Are My Headphones So Quiet[Solved]

Ever wondered why your headphones become so quiet while watching a movie or listening to your favorite song?

You have turned the knob high but you can’t really get what is the issue that you are unable to fund. For professional DJs and gamers, headphones are really important being the evaluable accessory for their business.

If you own pair of headphones or earbuds, you might have faced a low-volume issue. It is a pretty common issue and there is nothing to worry about.

We have made this comprehensive guide for you explaining the possible reasons for your headphones are so quiet and have mentioned some measures to prevent it along with solutions.

Why Are My Headphones So Quiet?

Have you also been into the problem where your headphones have become quiet and you have turned high the volume but it has not worked for you?

Before jumping on to the solution, you need to know the reasons for this issue and then we explain the relevant fixes according to the problem.

1. Issue With the Plug or Socket (For Wired Headphones)

The most common reason for headphones or earbuds being so low is the faulty connection between the headphone jack and the plug.

There might be debris or dirt particles in the headphone jack on your device which is blocking the connection or the audio port may be loose enough to prevent a solid connection between the plug and the audio port.

Sometimes, we also have seen problems with the headphone jack being defective which were causing the problem.

2. Some headphones have low volume

There are many brands manufacturing headphones and other audio products and they all have some special features making them the best of all meanwhile they also have left some deficiencies which cause the headphones’ volume too low. Due to this, there are some disparities in their sound quality and volume which may differ from brand to brand.

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headphones have low volume

3. Hearing Problems

There may be some cases when there is no technical issue with your audio device. But, your ears’ health has gone down. This is due to your long-time exposure to loud music which has harmed your ears and decreased your listening ability.

We all have different ear shapes and sizes. This may affect the wearing of headphones, especially earphones, which are not fully inserted into the ear and cause a low volume of the audio devices.

4. Wireless connection issues (Bluetooth)

There appear many problems in wireless devices due to the inappropriate wireless connection among the devices. You may have to face low connectivity issues due to the physical fences between the two connecting devices. Sometimes, there appear some errors in wireless connection and you may face errors in pairing the two devices.

Wireless connection issues causing headphones low

5. Issue With the Headset’s hardware

If you are experiencing low volume, there may be some hardware issues in your headphones. If you have purchased brand new headphones, then you must get a replacement. Because the defect was already there in the headphones. But, usually, hardware issues cause the volume of your headphones to be quiet.

6. Headphones driver’s defect

Drivers work as the main system in the device. You may face low volume due to the wrong drivers or fault in drivers. Drivers are damaged due to the device being wet or when it falls to the ground causing the low loudness.

Headphones driver’s defect causing low headphones

7. Ear Wax

If you are used to wearing headphones for a long time then your ears may produce ear wax in both of your ears. It does not allow you to transfer the sound through your ears and creates a blockage. You need to reduce your listening time with your headphones low and you need to clean your ears regularly to enjoy music smoothly.

Ear Wax cause headphones low

8. Unclean earbuds

If you are using headphones or earphones, you may need to service them. In professional gaming and DJing, people really know, how to keep headphones clean and smooth working to prevent any interruption in the sound. Your earbuds may get clogged due to the dirt particles which may block the sound. You must clean them periodically.

Ways to Make Your Headphones Sound Louder

If you face any issues with your headphones being so low, you can follow the fixes mentioned in detail below.

i) Make sure the headphones are plugged in correctly

You need to check if there is any loose connection between the headphones port and the audio jack. You can do it by repeatedly plugging in and plugging out the audio port into the jack, you can listen to music while wearing your headphones if there will be any problem, you will be get notified through the headphone’s volume.

If you feel that only one ear is working properly then there are some issues in the internal wiring of the headphones.

  • Make sure that the connector is completely plugged in and it is not sharpie. A loose headphone jack can also create a connection problem.
  • You may try some other headphones to test with your device. If it is working properly with the device then there might be a broken or damaged headphone jack issue with the previous headphones.
  • Must clean your headphones to stop the blockage caused by the ear wax or any dirt particles. You can clean your headphones with a soft cloth.

ii) Check device’s volume settings

Please check your device’s volume settings in your system and make sure they are set to maximum volume.

  • Increase all the sound levels from your device where your headphones are plugged in.
  • If there is any other external device or mixer attached to headphones, you need to turn up all the volume knobs to ensure no low volume settings.
  • Make sure that you don’t have set any audio Equalizer settings in your device and you must restore it back to the factory settings.
  • Must update your device firmware to wipe out any unknown error which may be from any other app.
Check device’s volume settings to increase volume

Now, test again your headphones by listening to any music with the changed device settings.

iii) Ensure proper placement when wearing earbuds or headphones

Different people have different ear shapes and not every earbud or headphone is built to fit into every shape and size of ers. So, you might feel difficulties in fitting earbuds.

You can tug on your ear lob while you insert your earbuds. Just gently put the earbuds in your ears. This will make a stronger grip and they will not be dropped down easily.

If you are not satisfied with the position of the earbuds on your ears and you are still facing low volume issues, you need to change your headphones’ model and must try a new pair.

iv) Turn up the headphone volume

You must need to check the headphone’s volume and turn it high. Sometimes, we mistakenly decrease the volume from the headphones’ knobs.

You should clean your headphones and repeatedly turn up and turn down the headphone knob.

There may go some debris and dirt particles in the volume controls of the headphones which choke their functional ability.

Turn up the headphone volume

Volume controls may affect the sound quality but you can use them to adjust the optimum volume settings from the headphones.

v) Remove earwax or dirt inside your earbuds

By continuously using headphones, debris or dirt particles may go inside your earbuds or at least they are attached to the outer layer of the headphones and clog them.

You can clean your earbuds with a soft cloth and ear tip dipped in water.

Please make sure that your headphones’ earcups are enough clean and that you can listen to the volume clearly.

You must take care of your ears. If you are very much concerned about your media player or your device and you troubleshoot them but you don’t show care for your ears, you will lose your maximum functioning ability with the passage of time.

Follow the tips below for properly taking care of your ears.

  • Clean your ears regularly
  • Remove your headphones from time to time in the day.
  • Give rest to your ears and don’t listen to music for a specific part of the time in a day.
  • Clean the headphones to avoid any bacteria attached to them.

vi) Check Bluetooth connection

If you are experiencing low volume on Bluetooth headphones then there may be some connection issues that may affect the volume due to the presence of barriers in the connection.

Just check that your battery percentage is not down and it is not causing any connection problems.

Please make sure that there are no physical barriers in the connecting devices.

You may change your device to connect with Bluetooth and check whether there is any issue or not. You may try changing the position of Bluetooth and try to turn it on and off.

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You can reboot your device and try connecting and pairing the Bluetooth again. If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you must ensure that the Airplane mode is disabled as this setting may cause interference in the Bluetooth connection. 

vii) Turn off noise-canceling

Make sure that if you have any noise-canceling features and they are turned on. Because it will mute the sound coming from your headphones and it will not be high enough.

You can turn off any noise-canceling from the settings of your device. Check that you turn on the volume enough that you hear external noise from outside of your headphones.

viii) Charge your Device

If you are using earbuds with your device and feel that its volume has been turned down a bit, you check the battery signal at your device.

If the battery is low, you must charge your battery and power it enough to keep using your audio player again with your device. Because these audio devices drain much battery and lower the performance of audio.

ix) Try Volume Boosting Apps

If your device has been sold or its volume is quite low, you can increase your device volume by installing third-party apps which will definitely increase the volume.

a) Bass Booster

You can set your device volume automatically and adjust it according to your listening preference. This app also introduces you to adjust ambient sounds by which you can listen to external noises where you wish to hear them like on trips or in natural places.

b) Boom Music

Boom music app has a lot of music equalizing options and you can also listen to 3d sounds with this app installed on your device. You can also customize your sounds and set them at any volume level through multiple frequency bands available in the app.

What Is Impedance in Headphones?

Impedance is a force that opposes electricity from flowing through the electrical circuits of the headphones. Impedance is one of the most important factors when buying headphones but it is mostly ignored.

More impedance needs more power to produce output. It means that if you are using high-end headphones which have high impedance, your device is not enough capable to produce that power.

Impedance in Headphones

You can try some fixes mentioned below.

  • Check if your device can support high impedance.
  • You can use any external amplifiers between your device and headphones.

Most headphones have an impedance of about 20-25 Ohms. But in high-end headphones, impedance is from 100-600 ohms requiring a separate device to attach to your computer or mobile to generate enough power.



Why are my headphones so quiet? You have old-dated firmware in your device which is causing your device volume to be low or you have altered device settings in which volume has been mistakenly turned down. It may be due to unclean headphones in which ear wax or dirt particles have been stuck blocking the volume.

We have also explained the possible solutions to make headphones high. You may check your Bluetooth connection or try any volume booster app which can increase your volume.

We ensure that you get your problem solved through our article. If you have any other random problems, don’t hesitate to comment below. Hopefully, you will get your query solved.

People Also Ask

There can be some defects in connectors and headphone plugs which can be flawed. But, headphones usually stay for a long time as their drivers are built hard enough.

  • First, go to settings
  • Head over to accessibility.
  • Audio/video
  • Now, adjust the balance slider and set the audio volume balance to the center.

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