Why DJs Hold Headphones One Side

Why DJs Hold Headphones One Side[Answered]

DJs have to control the whole big party of the concert and keep them engaged till the happy ending of the concert. To do all this, they should have a hold on mixing, cueing, and beatmatching which are really important technical terms that we will go through in full detail in this article.

DJs hold headphones one side only due to the fact that they have to maintain cueing. DJs have to integrate the next song with the previous one and they have to mix them in a very natural way. They have to leave one side open of the headphones to listen to the music from the main speakers. 

These are the large speakers to which the audience is listening and DJs have to keep in mind what is the current song going on and from where they have to cut it and mix the next song to make the audience feel them merged naturally. From the 2nd ear cup of headphones, they have to listen to the next track and blend them accordingly.

DJs control the volume of the headphone through their volume knob and keep the volume of the main speakers low as they are very close to their ears and that massive music sound is reduced to the extent that DJs listen to them clearly. But, it does not impact the volume of the main speakers to which the audience is listening.

Why Do DJs Need Headphones?

DJs can listen to next song

DJs have to listen to the song which is being played on the main speakers and people are enjoying. DJs have to move the song. They have to blend different songs. So, to listen to the song from the main speaker, they have to wear headphones.

DJs can listen to next song


DJ headphones enable the DJs in choosing the next song and its mixing with the previous song, so to make the tempo of different songs, it is necessary to use DJ headphones.


DJs have to play two songs at the same time. Both of the songs give different sound effects. You have to use the headphones to hear both songs and align them accordingly.

DJs perform cueing very efficiently. They have access to listen to the “current song and the next song to be played.” While the audience is only listening to the current song from the main speaker.

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Why Do DJs Need Headphones

Balance the Power

DJs have to match the energy for mixing up the next song with the previous one. Sometimes, when DJ selects a song and it has a low beat and power as compared to the current song, they have to match the power and there is a knob on the headphones through which they can control it.

In DJing language, this is called Gain. Degree of amplification needed to apply to the song in comparison to the main track.

Block the ambient noises

There is a large noise in the pool of people at the concert or party. DJs have to concentrate on the main speaker’s song and also the next song. 

But, massive noise coming from external resources may irritate the DJS’ concentration. DJs should have noise-canceling headphones which play a very important role in the smooth mixing of the songs the DJs.

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Block the ambient noises

To Protect ears

DJs must use safety measures to protect their ears and avoid any kind of hearing loss.

They must use noise-canceling headphones that block the external noise. There is a very loud noise which can harm your ears and also divert your focus. These headsets are also necessary to make the integration of the songs natural.

What headphones do DJs use?

There are different features that help DJs in selecting headphones. Some songs mixing styles may require swivel joints.

The selection of the best DJ headphones depends on the following factors:

  • Manufactured quality and the material used.
  • Noise isolation.
  • Ambient noise blocking Capacity.
  • Drivers and frequency retort.
What headphones DJs use

Are Headphones a Must For DJs?

Headphones are not necessary gadgets to wear for the DJs. They are important for cueing the songs and mixing them accordingly.

Most expert DJs are habitual of changing the song, mixing them, and lifting the audience whenever they want. So, they don’t bother to wear headphones.

Now, there are many quality software that does the work of mixing and cueing the songs and you don’t have to do even a little effort to integrate the songs.

 But, We recommend you to wear headphones while DJing even if you are a nerd. It blocks the ambient noise and also protects your ears.


DJs hold headphones one side to listen to the next song to be played and also to focus on the song playing on the main speaker. They have to cue them and mix them in a very natural way. Headphones may not be necessary but a DJ should wear them to protect their ears and avoid any hearing loss.

I hope you have got your query answered and if you have any issues, comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Expert DJs don’t bother to wear headphones. They read the track through EQ and most of their cueing work is done by software. But, we recommend wearing headphones to avoid hearing loss.

Some DJs have never revealed their faces to hide their identity and they do not want to have privacy or security issues in their personal lives.

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