Why DJs Use Headphones

Top 7 Reasons Why DJs Use Headphones

DJs use headphones for multiple purposes. They have to engage the audience till the end of the party and they have to play multiple songs during this time period. They have to integrate the songs in a very natural way, this method is called Cueing. Headphones allow the DJs to listen to multiple songs, one which is currently playing and the other which the DJ has to decide to cue with the current playing song. 

Different tracks may come with varying frequency levels. DJ headphones allow them to control their frequency ranges and match with each other to better mix them.

Why do DJs use headphones?

There are many reasons which validate this stance and they are all explained in detail as follows.

Check sound quality

Headphones have the ability to give the DJs a sense of sound clarity and their quality according to the level of volume. 

Headphones enable the DJs to select the next song in accordance with the current song played and if there is a need for any Gain required to apply to the picked song.

Gain is the level of modification required to apply to the next song which has to be mixed with the existing track.

Headphones enable the DJ to decide whether a track is suitable to cue with the present song playing on the main speaker and headphones also help to change the frequency level of the song and match it according to the requirements of the current song.

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Block Ambient Noises

Djing in a very loud crowd is quite a difficult task as it can disturb the main works of DJs that are listening to songs and mixing them.

People in the crowd may become too excited and they create loud noises being enjoying themselves. DJs may face difficulties which is why they have to use headphones. Headphones block the external ambient noises and control the volume of the main track being played on the main speaker. DJs can hear that track and based on that they decide the next track to mix with it.

DJ headphones must possess an excellent noise-blocking ability to make the DJs to better focus on the track and concentrate well.

Why do DJs use headphones


It is one of the main reasons, DJs have to wear headphones. DJs have no concern with the crowd noise and to be very honest, they don’t even want to listen to the audience because their ears won’t be able to bear this much noise.

So, they concentrate more on the next song which they have to cue with the current main track. Because it is really important to match the tempo and rhythm of both songs.

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When Dj is able to integrate both tracks, they increase the volume which causes the main speaker to perform that song. All this procedure is called Cueing.

One ear hold

DJs mostly wear one earcup in a large crowd. Because they have to listen to the main song and also have to cue it with another track. DJ headphones are made tighter in design and they have the ability to hold in one ear easily without slipping.

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The process of mixing the cued track with a current playing track is called Beatmatching. DJs can hear the next track and adjust its pitch with fader on the headphones. The audience is unable to listen to this track and the headphones enable the DJ to listen and make adjustments to match the tempo with the current song playing on the main speaker.



DJ headphones provide excellent comfort to the DJs and there is a cushion and padding installed around the headphones. It makes the DJ feel comfortable. Because, when the DJs are not feeling relaxed, they might not be able to provide the audience a good entertainment and there may be disturbed frequency levels and tempo of different songs which upset crowd entertainment.

Protect Your Ears

Some expert DJs practice DJing without the use of headphones. They have enough experience in observing different frequency and bass levels. So, they don’t bother wearing headphones. They can also judge every minor detail from the DJ controller and many software also work as mixers and beat matchers.

But, A DJ should wear headphones that protect their ears and avoid any kind of hearing damage. DJs have to be in the crowd for a long time which may give them headaches and some may suffer hearing loss. 

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We recommend you wear headphones while DJing.


We have tried to explain “why DJs use headphones

Because it helps them to cue different tracks in mixing. It saves them from any hearing damage or hearing loss. DJ Headphones give an extreme level of comfort to DJs which is very effective for their ears for long-term use. DJs can easily check the sound quality of the current playing track on the main speaker. Headphones also help DJs to concentrate on their work by blocking any external noises.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main reason is that DJ has to cue different tracks and they have to concentrate on both tracks and then they have to change the frequency and match their tempo.

The basics of DJ are easy to learn. But, it is a skill that requires your practical involvement in work. You have to practice it. How good! you are at mixing and selecting songs and how much you keep your audience engaged, it all depends on your practice.

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