Why Do Earbuds Break So Easily

Why Do Earbuds Break So Easily[Causes and Solutions]

You also have wondered somehow, why your earbuds keep breaking some days or weeks after you purchase them. Basically, Earbud is a delicate gadget that is more prone to breaking and it can hardly bear any strong force or any pressurized pull. You must have to place it in a safe place when it is not in your use.

If you also face the issue ‘why do earbuds break so easily‘ you must ponder over to prolong your earbuds’ life span and find the reasons for their breakage after every few days. 

You can find some of the most common causes of Earbuds breaking, solutions to recover them, and possible measures to prevent it in the future.

You can increase your headphone’s lifespan up to 3 years which is an average life of earbuds or headphones in case there isn’t any accidental damage. But, you can also increase this time period by two times or more by implementing some proper tips.

Why Are my Earbuds Breaking?

There are some of the basic reasons which cause the headphones or your earphones to break by mistake or due to your being misguided.

There are common reasons for earbuds breaking mentioned below.

Low-quality Earbuds

There are many earbuds available in the market at very affordable prices by different brands. But, they have also compromised on quality due to keeping their manufacturing costs low.

Faulty earphones

If you have just purchased your new earphones and they have got some breakage or damage, you might have purchased faulty earphones. Some branded earphones may have a faulty product which is just by mistake and it is not your fault.

Why Are my Earbuds Breaking

Reasons Why Your Earbuds Keep Breaking and Possible Solutions

1. Rolling Over the Cord

Some of the headphones and earphones have a long wire which may be sized up to 8 to 10 feet. It is enough length for you to connect your device with headphones and comfortably manage the device at every body position. But, we throw our earphones here and there carelessly, and sometimes they are rolled over the chair and with other household objects which stretch the wire over its actual length.

Some people also forcefully disconnect the headphones or when they immediately go to work while they are listening to any music with their headphones plugged in, it just causes the cord to create pressure on the pin to disconnect which results in the breakage of the headphones/earphones.

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  • When the earphones are not in use, you must keep them in a protective case where there will be no chance of rolling over.
  • You should try a proper wrapping method so that there is no internal wire damage due to irregular wrap causing stretch pressure.

2. Sleeping with Earbuds on

Some people have the habit of falling asleep with their headphones. They are used to listening to music before sleep which calms their minds and it helps them sleep relaxing and early.

But, this can also damage your headphones. When you sleep with your headphones/earphones, you are in a stable position to wear headphones. But, when we sleep, we also change our laying positions which also irritates the headphones’ cord and it stretches hard with the changed position resulting in the breakage of the device.

Sleeping with Earbuds on


  • You can put your earbuds aside when you go to sleep. You can keep them in a safe place to avoid breakage.
  • You can also purchase wireless earbuds and you will get rid of the wire bundle of the headphones while listening to music asleep.

3. Letting the Cord Dangle

When you allow the headphones’ cord to dangle off the desk or chair, it is more prone to breaking. It puts pressure on the cord and creates a weaker part on the cord. 

You may have seen the dangling cord which is stuck at a 90-degree angle. It puts real hard pressure on the internal side of the cord and if it is bent in opposite directions multiple times, it may break.

You should be very careful about your headphones or earphones’ wires don’t get dangled.

Why Your Earbuds Keep Breaking


  • You must buy a 90-degree jack which you can attach to your headphone or earphone so that it does not break by a stretch.
  • You should avoid giving more stretches or putting pressure on your headphone or earphone.

4. Carrying Earbuds without a case

If you buy expensive and high-quality earbuds, you will get your earbuds with a case that sets protection for your earbuds. If you leave your earbuds bare with other things in your bag while you are out somewhere, you will get damaged by other things in the bags which may crush your earbuds.

Carrying Earbuds without a case


  • You must purchase a new earbuds case to keep your earbuds safe while you are transporting them.
  • You can also set a separate place where you can keep your earphones.

5. Low Build Quality

There are many headphones available in the market at low prices which are manufactured at low costs. But, they are also built cheaply in quality and don’t have a big lifespan.


  • Always purchase earphones and headphones based on their qualities and their features.
  • Expensive headphones always validate their price tags by giving premium standards that have a bigger lifespan and don’t break easily.
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6. Forgetting Earbuds are on Your Head

When we play games or watch movies for a long time with our headphones on our heads, we sometimes forget to pull off our earbuds and rush into our bedrooms or for dinner which puts pressure on the internal wires. Due to this sudden tension in wires, they get damaged to the different parts of the wire, and when this pressure increases, the headphone cord breaks.


  • You must use your earbuds carefully and always take them off delicately.
  • Set a time for your gaming session or music practices if you play games regularly or you DJ.

7. Exposing Earbuds to moisture

You must take special care to keep your earbuds far from moisture. The earbuds get soaked when you are working out or on a walk. When you are driving especially bike, earbuds get wet with your sweat under the helmet.

Basically, moisture may harm the electronic components of earbuds. Due to the moisture, electronic boards may get warmed and there is a chance of short circuits.

Earbuds to moisture


  • Don’t wear earphones when you are on a long walk.
  • If you work out, you must buy waterproof headphones or earbuds.
  • Avoid using headphones in a rain and take them off immediately.

8. Pulling the cord while disconnecting them

One of the most common reasons for breakage of Earbuds is pulling the cord while they are connected to your device. We are used to pulling the cord not the plug of earbuds from the device. This puts massive pressure on the connector where the plug is attached to the cord and is inserted into the device.

While you are listening to any music and you immediately pull the cord, it creates tension in the connector and it may get stranded in your device which upsets you more.


  • You must purchase an L-shaped jack which is impossible to unplug by pulling the cord.
  • Be used to unplug gently from the connector of your headphones or earbuds.

9. Listening to Earbuds too Loud

Some people listen to any music at a very loud volume and they don’t feel comfortable with low earbuds. You listen to a loud volume of earbuds which is created by vibrations that form sound waves. So, loud volume creates huge vibrations in your device and earbuds are delicate gadgets. It software may get damaged due to the loud volume creating tension among its too delicate components.

Your earbuds‘ sound will be tinier with the passage of time and its frequencies will start breaking. 

Listening to Earbuds too Loud


  • Don’t ever listen to music with very loud earbuds or headphones every time.
  • Turn up the volume slowly in stages instead of increasing it at a time.
  • You may adjust the maximum volume from your device settings so disallowing you to increase it from earbuds.

How to Prevent Earbuds from Breaking?

We have guided you in detail about all problems which cause your earbuds to break so easily. We have also provided you with solutions that you should try to keep your earbuds/headphones safe from getting broken.

Here are the preventive measures which you must adopt.

  • Get an Earphone Case

Always keep your earphone case with yourself whether you are on transport or out somewhere, it will keep them safe from your other gadgets thrashing them.

  • Use waterproof Earbuds

You must use waterproof earbuds when you are working out or out in rain. It will keep them safe and away from any sweat/moisture which may give damage the internal electric system.

  • Don’t sleep with your Earbuds/headphones on

You must avoid sleeping with your earbuds as your sleep-changing position at night can break the cord. You must use wireless earbuds in that case if you are habitual of sleeping with earbuds on.

  • Don’t turn volume too high

You should listen to music at a very optimal volume. High volume may break the electronic components of your delicate earbuds and it can also damage your ears.

  • Remove Earbuds gently

You should not pull your earbuds’ cord with massive pressure. It can break the connector of your earbuds. Always remove earbuds from the plug which is connected to your device.

How to Fix Your Broken Earbuds

  • Find the spot on earbuds from where it is broken.
  • You can wrap the electronic tape around it.
  • If one of the speakers is not working, you may replace the speaker.
  • Must check your cord near to the connector from where it is plugged in your device.
How to Fix Your Broken Earbuds


Why do earbuds break so easily? There are some obvious reasons for your earbuds breaking. It may be due to your sleeping with Earbuds on or you have purchased low-quality earbuds or your earbuds are exposed to some moisture which has disturbed their internal electronic system.

Just adopt some preventive measures like keeping your earbuds safe in a separate earbuds case and wearing headphones that are wireless to save your earbuds from cord breaking.

I hope that you have got the best solution to your query. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earbuds can last up to 3 years on average if they are kept with special care. If you pull out with pressure or expose them to moisture, their lifespan decreases.

You should always keep your earbuds in a case to keep them secure. The case is also used to charge the earbuds due to the lithium-ion battery in the case.

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