Why Do My Headphones Keep Pausing

Why Do My Headphones Keep Pausing

Have you ever experienced being too preoccupied with your music and suddenly your Bluetooth earbuds/headphones turn off/pause? There may be specific reasons your headphones or Bluetooth earbuds turn off and you must ensure to fix them.

I am going to guide and explain to you some measures that you should look at step by step and if any step gets rectified, you must not forget to follow the complete guide in order to ensure, no error pertains.

12 Steps to fix Headphones keep pausing

1. Loose Headphone Jack

Sometimes, the headphone jack may create issues due to being in use for a long time and putting in and pulling out again and again. So, common issues with headphone connectors are damaged inside wires, broken front contact points, or loose connectors.


You must replace your headphone connector which you can use for another spare set of headphones or earbuds. You can also pick headphone connector from an online store for a very low cost. But, you have to make sure that it has the same number of connections (Sleeve and Rings) at the tip point.

  • Cut its wire off together with a few centimeters of cable.
  • Expose the cable and make sure that you connect the both left and right cables correctly.
  • Before you solder any wire, make sure that the right channel connects with First Ring and the Left channel connects with Second Ring
  • Now, do some Heat Shrink Wrap to keep the cables together.
  • Let’s check it now and test the headphones working efficiently


2. Remove earwax or dirt from Headphones Pads

By continuously using headphones, debris or dirt particles may go inside your headphones’ pads or earbuds. At least debris particles are attached to the outer layer of the headphones and clog them. That’s why you feel a pause in your listening which is absolutely due to the headphones’ ear cup blockage.

You can clean your headphones with a soft cloth.

Please make sure that your headphones’ earcups are enough clean and that you can listen to the volume clearly.


Follow the tips below for properly taking care of your ears.

  • Clean your ears regularly
  • Remove your headphones from time to time in the day.
  • Give rest to your ears and don’t listen to music for a specific part of the time in a day.
  • Clean the headphones to avoid any bacteria attached to them.

Remember that dirt particle or Ear Wax is entered into your headphones from your ears. So, make sure that you keep your ears clean.

You must take care of your ears. If you are very much concerned about your media player or your device and you troubleshoot them but you don’t show care for your ears, you will lose your maximum functioning ability with the passage of time. 

Removing earwax from headphones/earbuds can be done by following the techniques given in this article: Remove earwax or dirt inside your earbuds/Headphones

3. The battery and Charger may be Busted

In the case of wireless headphones, you must check your headphones’ battery and charger. The charger could also be a problem. 

If the charger is not working well, it won’t charge your wireless headphones or Bluetooth earbuds and the faulty battery may also be a reason which does not store the power to make your headphones perform well.

It will ultimately cause your headphones/Earbuds to turn off/pause frequently.


Make sure that you are not using a faulty charger which may damage your battery as well. All Batteries have a limited life after which they are unable to provide enough operating efficiency. So, make sure that you change your battery after its maximum time period of durability.

4. Low Battery

The low battery is the most common reason which causes the wireless earbuds to keep pausing, disconnecting, and reconnecting again and again.

Because most electronic devices don’t work efficiently when they are low on battery and the standard charging is between 20% and 80%. 


Always charge your battery before attaching them to any Bluetooth device. You will not face any pause in music issues from a Bluetooth connection. Don’t overcharge your battery to avoid any explosion.

Because consistent battery overcharging sometimes creates glitches in the connection. So, you feel delays and pause in music from your headphones.

5. Auto-Pause/Music-Pause feature

Almost every other Music app like Spotify, Amazon Music, or Sound Cloud comes up with built-in settings which allow you to take actions like Changing the Volume, and Play/Pause music right from the app.

It makes it easier to control the music but meanwhile, you sometimes forget to change the controls. So, their Auto-Pausing feature automatically detects your headphones and pauses the music without letting you know.


  • First of all, go to Settings on your mobile.
  • Now, locate the app section here in the settings menu.
  • Search for your music app i-e; Sound Cloud or Spotify.
  • When you open the app settings, go to Battery from there.
  • Now, make sure that the Background is set on.
  • If it’s off, go to Battery Usage.
  • Now, again search for Spotify (or your music app)
  • If you are unable to see Spotify here, go to unoptimized apps and change it to all options.
  • When the Spotify option comes up, turn it off, because with battery usage enabled, it restricts many functions in the phone.
  • Now, go to the Device Care section from the settings.
  • Go to Battery section and then the Spotify section.
  • You will see that Put app to sleep is off.
  • It means that Spotify or your music app will not sleep/pause whilst you are using it.

6. Power Mode

Power Mode is also one of the common issues from your phone causing you in pausing the headphones. If your device has enabled Power Mode, it might cause your headphones to seem low and they may pause/disconnect from time to time.

Because your main device has turned on synchronization and assumes that the audio device is consuming battery. So, it hinders the smooth performance of the device.

You will also face low volume on headphones if the power mode is turned on. So make your headphones louder


Make sure that you have not turned on the power mode and that the battery is charged enough to avoid the headphone’s connection breaking timely.

7. Interference

Traditionally, wireless headphones lack sound quality when compared to wired headphones. Basically, any other device which you have already paired with and is emitting the wireless signal matching the frequency of the sauna limited by your wireless headphones can interfere and create disturbance in the flow of data and your audio device tries to connect with it instead which creates the problem of connection dropped again and again which you can presume as Headphones pausing.

8. Broken Headphones

If you are facing a pause in music issue from your headphones or earbuds, you must check your headphones which may be broken at any point causing a break in contact with the wire again and again.

There are some basic reasons which cause the headphones or your earphones to break by mistake or due to your being misguided.

There are common reasons for earbuds breaking mentioned below.

i)Low-quality Headphones

There are many headphones available in the market at very affordable prices by different brands. But, they have also compromised on quality due to keeping their manufacturing costs low.

ii)Faulty Headphones

If you have just purchased your new headphones and they have got some breakage or damage, you might have purchased faulty headphones. Some branded headphones may have a faulty product which is just by mistake and it is not your fault.

If you are facing an issue with earbuds/headphones breakage, this Must read: Why Do Earbuds Break So Easily

9. Internet Connection Problem

Sometimes, your internet is having unnecessary issues which are from the main server and causes buffering in the connection which results in pausing especially when you are listening to live music online or watching any video.

So, you might see a pause or lag in video and audio as well.


  • A simple fix is checking the internet modem and Rebooting it.
  • Just power off your modem and wait for a few seconds.
  • Now, reconnect the wires with the modem.
  • Turn on the modem and check whether it solves the problem.

10. Motion Sense Feature

  • Nowadays, the android device comes up with a built-in motion sense feature that allows you to play or pause music through movements around the device.
  • Go to settings and then System from there.
  • Now, turn off Motion Sense feature.

If you don’t want to use gesture actions, you can turn it off to ensure that your headphones never pause again in the future.

11. Compatibility

If your device is not compatible with wireless headphones/earbuds and they are just forcing themselves and trying to get into pair, you might face connection problems like pause of audio or disconnecting the headphones.

If your device has Bluetooth 5.0 and your headphones have Bluetooth 2.0, so you will only get the result of version 2.0. Due to the non-similarity between both devices’ Bluetooth, you might get into connecting loss problems again and again.


You should properly check the audio device and its connection and make sure that you are about to purchase headphones/earbuds which are compatible with your device like PC, Mobile. 

Always go with the latest updates because updated Bluetooth means improved battery life, better transmission, and the ability to connect over a large distance as well. If you have already purchased your Bluetooth headphones, you need to change your audio device.

12. Update Device

Sometimes, our devices are not updated and the outdated software firmware causes the connection loss issue which interrupts outside devices like headphones and pauses our music.


Always keep your device updated to avoid any issues. Set your device on automatic updates to avoid the device disconnecting again and again.


How to fix Apple Earbuds pausing?

There is a remote control on your Apple Earbuds in the middle of the controller which can perform multiple tasks and pausing the music is one of them.

Sometimes, this control gets loose and it automatically triggers by itself. So, you have to push it very hard. The button will get onto its place after a little effort of your pushing it hard.

How to fix headphones cutting out/skipping tracks in the music player

If your mobile phone behaves weirdly when you connect your headphones/earphones like it may sense the press of a button when you don’t or when it automatically plays the music without any signal. So, it is due to the metal contacts of your headphones with your mobile which it senses.

This problem is basically more in HTC mobiles as they have plastic material in their headphones but no third party has any plastic over its surface.

If you can arrange O-rings, they are a better option otherwise jump onto the following steps.

  • Take a tape and roll over the headphone jack.
  • Now, take sim ejector and make a hole through the tap into the headphone jack.
  • Plug in your headphones once and take them out.
  • Now, your phone will not act differently with headphones.

How to Fix Sound Delay in Bluetooth Headphones

  • First of all, connect your headphones to your mobile.
  • Go to settings and enable Developer option. Follow the below steps to enable Developer mode.
  • Go to About option from settings.
  • Go to Kernel version from your mobile. And tap Build Number 7 times.
  • When you have enabled Developer mode, go into it and click it.
  • Now, see the Bluetooth AVRCP option and click it. Turn on AVRCP 1.6.
  • Now, go back and click Bluetooth MAP version. Turn on MAP 1.4.
  • Now, go back and click Maximum Bluetooth Audio devices and click ‘1’
  • Now, go back and click Bluetooth Audio Codec and click on Qualcomm aptX HD Audio.
  • Congrats! Your headphones delay issue has been fixed.

How To Fix My Music Keep Pausing on iPhone

I) Restart your iPhone

  • Press and hold the side button for a moment and let the slider appear on screen.
  • Drag the slider and your iPhone will be turned off.
  • Now, turn on your iPhone and Listen to music to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

ii) Re-install the Music App on Your iPhone

  • Click and hold onto the app for a few seconds.
  • Apps will be shown with a box on top of the app’s corner.
  • Click on cross and delete that music app.
  • Now, re-install the app, and it will be downloaded with no bugs.

iii) Disable Raise to Wake

Sometimes, you may resolve your music pausing issue with this simple setting.

  • Simply, go into your mobile settings and click on ‘Display & Brightness’
  • Turn off Raise to Wake.

People Also Ask

Why do my sony headphones keep pausing when I talk?

As soon as you speak to someone, Speak-to-Chat automatically stops the music and lets in sound from outside when you want to involve in a discussion – handy if you want to keep your headphones on, or your hands are full.

So, make sure that you are not touching your hand again and again to your headphones’ ear cup which is why the music is pausing.

Based on Precise Voice Pickup Technology, this smart feature uses five microphones built into your headphones and advanced audio signal processing to recognize and react to your voice. And once your chat is over, your music starts playing again automatically.

Why do my headphones keep pausing my video?

  • Go to settings and App Management.
  • Click on Youtube and then Storage Usage.
  • Clear Data and Clear Caches both.

I hope it will solve your Youtube Video Pausing issue.

How to Fix Headphones Keep Pausing Music Samsung?

  • First of all, go to settings on your mobile.
  • Select Device Care from there.
  • Select Battery
  • Find your Music app here.
  • Turn off Put App to Sleep.
  • Hurrah! Your issue is resolved now.

Why do my headphones keep pausing and activating Siri

  • First of all, go to settings on your mobile.
  • Now, go to General from there and tap on Accessibility.
  • Go to Interaction section and tap on Home button (side button in case of iPhone X).
  • Here, you will see Press and Hold to Speak, click on Siri and turn it off.
  • Now, you are done and your headphones will not pause again and Siri will remain off.

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