Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds and Headphones

Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds and Headphones?

If you have ever experienced attending a pro gaming sports event, you might have seen  Pro gamers wearing both headphones and earbuds. They wear professional headphones and the other headset is usually around the neck.

why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones?

Usually, they use earbuds for gaming and listening to different sounds in the game. But, they also wear headphones to communicate with their teammates. These are usually ambient-noise headphones that allow listening to their teammates or any other command given to them without any noise distortion by the audience. It basically, secures all the participants unable to listen to the crowd and uncover any information. So, it is very important to hear sounds to react immediately and accordingly.

why gamers wear earbuds and headphones

Why do eSports players wear two headphones?

If you have watched any live sports event, professional esports gaming events are also with the same excitement, energy level, and noise.

1. To block external noises

Screen players have to be very accurate in listening to sounds and judging the direction of the sounds in the game. This is very crucial in shooting games where you have to keep your ears in the footsteps of the enemies. Because you will hear the sound in your ears before you see them on the screen.

But, external crowd noise can create distractions in your gameplay and spoils your gaming experience on the screen and with your teammates. So, they wear high-quality earbuds for gaming.

Why do eSports players wear two headphones

But they are not enough capable of blocking the ambient noise of the crowd and the cameramen who are moving all around them, and thus they also create noise. They have to be very coordinative to keep the event going smoothingly which requires communication resulting in noise for the gamers. So, they need a second pair of high-end noise-canceling headphones which usually block external noise and relieve gamers’ stress to properly focus on their game.                                                                 

If you also play games like PUBG or CS GO, you must know the importance of listening to hearing footsteps. If you are ever distracted by your homies, you yell at them from which you can guess, how much frustration circles around the professional gamers when they are irritated by their loud slogans and cheering when they are at crucial points of their game.

2. To block presenter’s speech

Like any other sports event, there are also ceremonies in live gaming events and they report the performance and their actions in the game to the audience. The casters are the main source to create huge energy levels in the event and bring power to the event. They present each movement of the gamer like the game depends whole on that specific move and something to be decided big in the game which makes the ceremony alive throughout.

Why eSports players wear two headphones

Esports gaming event has the rule to wear two headsets which make participants unable to listen to the presenter and prevent them to focus on the actions of their opponents.

If you have ever attended a LAN party with your colleagues, you must hear the loud noise of the buttons and the people around. So, imagine what is the level of noise in live gaming events and what gamers have to face in the arena where there are fans of every pro player cheering for them, feelings and emotions are associated with their performances.

How pro gamers manage two headphones?

  • The first white pair of headphones is worn in their ears.
    It is used for listening to in-game sounds and hearing the footsteps given by opponents to alert them and prepare them for any action to be taken.
  • The second headphone sits over their ears and it is most importantly used to block noise from outside the screen.
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The Third Headset

When the two headphones are enough to cancel outside noise thus reducing disturbance for the gamers but what if they have no mic? In this case, pro gamers have to use the third headset which they use for communicating with their teammates.

How pro gamers manage two headphones

If the two headphones are enough, some pliers wear the thor headset which is a sponsor and they usually advertise which is not usually part of games but headphone brands would want to be advertised through well-known pro gamers.

Precaution: Long use of headphones can give you dent…Learn More


Why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones? The pro gamers wear one pair of headphones to hear in-game sounds like footsteps and the second headset to block external noise which comes from the audience, staff in the arena, or the casters creating excitement and energy level in the audience. Gamers should be focused on their games, so to keep them relaxed and calm out from any noise they wear high-end noise-canceling headphones.

We have tried to explain to you in detail the purpose of the two headsets and possible situations in why they are used.

Feeling excited to attend an Esports gaming event, comment below to show your interest in battle games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Headsets are better for gaming as they have a better sound quality and good sound grounding. headphones also possess more mic options making gamers more engaging and well-communicating with their teammates.

Esports and online gaming events participants retire early as some of the players have been interviewed to Washingtonpost that they get stress, anxiety, and low income. So, to focus and explore more opportunities, they have to retire at early age.

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